Why is it Advantageous to have Google Shopping integration?

The Google Merchant Center Account receives feed from the Opencart store automatically thanks to the Google Shopping Integration plugin of Opencart. The store administrator can also sync the product status with the database of the shop. This is possible by running cron on the Google Shopping opencart Feed Synchronization plugin’s back end.

In actuality, Google Shopping enables online retailers to showcase their goods on Google’s search results page. Furthermore, Google Merchant Center and AdWords are used to power it. This is one method for enabling consumers to conduct product searches on websites for online buying. Additionally, it contrasts the costs offered by other vendors. Therefore, store owners may more easily display their products on Google’s SERP thanks to this Integration.

features of opencart google shopping module

Following are some points based on which we can say this module is beneficial for online web stores:

Traffic that is better and more qualified

When they click on your advertisement, they have already learned enough details about your product. They are aware of how your product seems from the photograph. Customers are also aware of it if it fits inside their budget by looking at the price.

As a result, those who tap on your Shopping adverts have much more specific goals for their purchases.

Customers may come in to see your product but naturally, leave if you do exclude the value. This will result in unfulfilled client demands.

However, providing this information right away not only engages/prompts the purchase goal but also demonstrates transparency in your approaches.

Additional Range

You may increase the number of prospective customers you reach for your business by using Google Shopping.

Your assortments’ variable findings might only appear in one inquiry. You can reach out to more interested people with a greater number of items. By increasing awareness of the wide range of products you are selling through Google Shopping this is possible. It is a win-win situation for both parties!

Stand out Against the Competition

Your ads will appear when people are specifically looking for your products or similar products with a strong intention to buy. You can attract the right audience and distinguish yourself from the competition with eye-catching images and useful information. Those who made the wrong choice shouldn’t receive shopping promotions! 

To help the customer finish the process of convincing themselves that he needs your item and nothing else, you must deal with the images of your things, and their succinct depictions, and develop a value in line with the nature of the materials.

key features of Opencart Google shopping

Exceptionally Easy to Manage

Ignore the pointless catchphrase measure! Google will pick the appropriate time to display your goods based on the item information feed. You can manage your information using your item title, representation, and classification to improve results.

The operation method of the opencart Google Shopping Module

Customers may look for, view, and consider products on the Google search page thanks to Google Shopping. The opencart store owners can plan their items for Google Shopping thanks to the Google Shopping opencart plugin.

The module must be introduced and set up by the administrator. You will also find the user handbook, which includes step-by-step instructions for setting up the module. If you need any assistance with the installation of the module, don’t hesitate to contact our support team. Knowband offers free installation and setup services. The administrator will have the choice to use the reconciliation to automate the posting cycle once the design is complete.

By ordering the module at www.knowband.com, you may take advantage of a special offer. You can reach us at [email protected] if you need to make any modifications to the modules. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions or problems about the module. We would be pleased to help you out.

knowband opencart google shopping

This module is also available for Prestashop and Magento. Know more:

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