Introducing Opencart Etsy Marketplace Integration

KnowBand is an eCommerce plugin and marketplace integration development company that offers the OpenCart Etsy Marketplace Integration. Further, this extension allows store merchants to synchronize their OpenCart store with the Etsy marketplace in few simple steps. Moreover, we understand the importance of selling products on the Etsy marketplace. Therefore, the e-merchants must analyze the business techniques as well as processes. Further, this way store merchants don’t have to face such issues.

OpenCart Etsy Marketplace Integration

Once store merchants start selling on multi-channel, sellers must keep track of their inventory status, product listings, shipping methods, delivery time as well as customer support. Hence, to make the selling and managing process easier, KnowBand has developed the Opencart Etsy Marketplace Connector.

OpenCart Etsy Integration Module by Knowband connects the Etsy store as well as Opencart from a single interface. Further, merchants can synchronize their OpenCart store with Etsy shop in simple steps.

OpenCart Etsy Marketplace Integration Features:

OpenCart Etsy Marketplace Integration easy installation and offers user-friendly interface: 

For better customer engagement, it’s important to offer a user-friendly interface. OpenCart Etsy Marketplace Integration offers a user-friendly and effortless interface to list the products to the Etsy marketplace.

Allows bulk uploading and mapping:

The most important feature of the OpenCart Etsy Marketplace Integrator Module is it allows sellers to upload products in bulk. Further, to upload the entire category of the OpenCart store sellers need to create a profile.

OpenCart Etsy Integrator even allows sellers to map the product attributes as well as the category of the OpenCart store products with the help of Etsy store attributes and category.

OpenCart Etsy Integration Extension offers shipping templates: 

Using, OpenCart Etsy Marketplace Integration sellers can create shipping templates from the admin panel of the OpenCart store. Moreover, this extension allows syncing these templates to the Etsy shop. 

Order Management and Order Status: 

Etsy OpenCart API integration allows managing and keeping track of Etsy shop orders from the admin panel of the store. Moreover, store merchants can update the order status of the Etsy marketplace orders from the admin panel via a cron job.

OpenCart Etsy Integration Plugin offers inventory management: 

 From the OpenCart admin panel sellers can manage inventory for the Etsy store products using this extension. The admin can easily synchronize the changes to the Etsy marketplace after making any changes in the product inventory or attributes in the OpenCart store. 

Etsy OpenCart Connector Allows selecting Secondary language: 

OpenCart Etsy Integrator allows the store admin to select the second language for the store and easily synchronize it with the Etsy marketplace shop via a cron job.

Etsy OpenCart API integration can be installed easily with the following steps.

OpenCart Etsy Marketplace Integration Installation steps

Once the OpenCart Etsy Integration Module is purchased, the store admin will receive the following files:

1. Zip – containing the source code of the module

2. User Manual

Steps to Install the extension:

1.Admin need to unzip the zip file which contains files and folders as shown below –

2.Then copy all the files as well as the folders of the unzipped folder into the root folder of the website.

3.The OpenCart Etsy Marketplace Integration is ready to install on your store. These files are found in Store Admin -> Modules and Services. 


Using the Etsy OpenCart Integration extension, OpenCart store owners can easily manage the inventory, orders, as well as shipping for the Etsy shop orders from the admin. Moreover, this module is beneficial to customers as well. Therefore, this extension is recommended to store merchants.

Admin Demo

User Manual

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