No Code OpenCart Mobile App Builder For eCommerce Websites

If we look around ourselves, many tools, tricks, and solutions have come up in the market which makes it easier for us to do any task. The task of building eCommerce mobile apps now falls in this category too.

With the use of readymade website extensions, e-store owners can now build their own eCommerce Mobile Apps. Especially the OpenCart store owners get an added advantage here.

OpenCart store owners can launch their Native OpenCart Mobile App & OpenCart PWA Mobile App or both using an extremely helpful extension. Without any coding required, OpenCart store owners can use the following 2 extensions to build & launch their PWA App / Native App or both.

OpenCart PWA Mobile App Creator (Progressive Web App)

OpenCart Native Mobile App Creator (Android and iOS)

Steps To Launch OpenCart Mobile Apps:

Step 1: Purchase the app builder extension& install it on the store.

Step 2: Fill the app pre-requisite.

Step 3: Check the final app before confirming to make it live.

Although Native Apps are published on the app stores & PWAs are made live on the website, because Progressive Web Apps & Native Apps share many similarities in terms of look & feel, let’s take a look at the common features of both of these OpenCart app builder extensions.

Features Of The OpenCart Mobile App Builder extensions:

#1. Automatic Inventory Management:

The OpenCart Mobile App Creator extensions come up with complete sync with website inventory & database. All changes made on the store inventory will be reflected automatically on the app instantly. The users just need to refresh the app. 

#2. Multi-Lingual & Multi-Currency Support:

The OpenCart PWAs & Native Mobile Apps are available to the app users in multiple languages. App users can also choose their preferred currencies. Even RTL scripts like Arabic is supported on the OpenCart Mobile Native & PWA Apps.

#3. DIY Home-Page Editor:

Design & edit the home-page layout of the app anytime (even after the app is live) from the admin panel of OpenCart App Builder extensions. The store admin gets to create multiple layouts in the admin panel and use the same on the app just by choosing the right one. The color, fonts, logo, etc. can also be configured from the admin panel.

#4. White-Label Solution:

These OpenCart Mobile App builder extensions are a white label solution. App icon, app name brand logo on the navigation bar, & a lot more can be added on the app by admin. The final Opencart apps will be fully branded to the website.

#5. Unlimited Push Notifications:

The store owner gets to send an unlimited number of push notifications to their app users. Some common eCommerce push notifications like order status notify, abandoned cart notify, can even be automated & scheduled from the admin panel.

#6. Offline Mode Browsing:

On the OpenCart PWA & Native Apps (made with KnowBand’s app builder extensions), users can browse their OpenCart Apps even when there is slow or no internet connection.

#7. WhatsApp & Zopim Chat Support:

On the OpenCart PWA & OpenCart Native Mobile Apps, Whatsapp&Zopim chat support is provided. Now the app users can connect to the chat support of the store effortlessly from the app and get answers to their queries.

#8. Quick Login Options:

The OpenCart Mobile App Creator offers inbuilt Google, Facebook, Fingerprint, and Phone Number (OTP) login options in both native as well as PWA Mobile Apps.

#9. All Payment and Shipping Methods Support:

The OpenCart Mobile App Creator supports all website payment and shipping methods on both native as well as PWA mobile apps. No sort of extra integration is required for the same.

#10. Product Reviews and Related Product:

The OpenCart Mobile App Maker allows the store admin to showcase the product review and related products on the apps. The users even get the option to write and view reviews on the app.

Compatibility With Marketplace Extension:

The OpenCart store owners can easily convert their single-vendor store into a Multi-vendor Marketplace with the help of KnowBand’s OpenCart Marketplace Extension. When this marketplace extension is used on the OpenCart website that is using the PWA / Native App Builder extension also, store owners get a fully functioning OpenCart Marketplace Mobile App. Check the combo package of Marketplace + Mobile Apps from:

OpenCart Advanced Marketplace With Mobile App

A bunch of other features like live synchronization, Automatic Inventory Management, CMS page management, etc. are available in these app maker extensions. Whether you choose to build native OpenCart Native Apps or PWAs or both, our team can assist you in the best way possible. Leave your queries or email at [email protected].

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