Top Compelling reasons why OpenCart One Page Checkout is a must-have addon

Optimizing store for better customer experience is most challenging for an eCommerce store owner. It is necessary to analyze every page of the website to provide the best experience to end-users. It is observed that most of the stores have a very compelling home page and product pages but the checkout page is not optimized.

Talking about comfort and user experience, every part of the website should have engaging and well-versed content. For best checkout experience on the OpenCart store, One Page Checkout is a one-stop solution. It provides an enticing look and feels, having responsive fields and quick registration options. According to the Web Hosting Buzz study, 86% of users report having to build new accounts on websites.

Knowband offers OpenCart One Page Checkout which replaces the default checkout of your online store with a quick and responsive One Page Checkout. The extension offers advanced features like guest checkout and social login that enhances user experience and allow them to fill the details quickly and easily. Let’s unearth the features of OpenCart One Page Checkout addon which makes it a one-stop solution for your OpenCart store.

Appealing UI enhances Customer experience

OpenCart One Page Checkout addon is the replacement of conventional multi-page checkout. A multi-page checkout looks lengthy and bulky but the OpenCart Quick checkout module has an appealing look and alluring design. The frontend of OpenCart One Page Checkout has multiple layout options. The admin of the OpenCart store can choose from 1-column, 2-column, or 3-column layout. OpenCart Quick checkout module provides features to customize the buttons of the field matching to theme color. Appealing UI enhances Customer experience hence the conversion and retention rate.

Encourages Quick Purchase

OpenCart One Page Checkout

A multiple page checkout has multiple fields and a long registration form that looks boring and fails to engage the customers. With OpenCart Fast Checkout extension, admin can add fewer fields that are necessary for the registration process and make some of the fields optional. It provides Google Address Auto-fill functionality which extracts the saved address from the browser and reduces the registration time. OpenCart One Page Supercheckout auto-detects the country code of the user by tracking the IP address. These features of the OpenCart One Page Checkout extension make the registration process easy and quick.

Guest Checkout

Guest Checkout is another feature of the OpenCart One Step Checkout extension which helps the customers to place an order without making extra clicks. Many users do not like to share their personal details and information with new websites or eCommerce stores. Guest checkout is the best option for people who hang back because of a long registration form. One Page Checkout for OpenCart provides Guest checkout and makes the registration convictional.

Social login

OpenCart One Page Checkout

Numerous social login modules enable store owners of eCommerce stores to enable social login to their online stores. These social login options allow users to sign in or log in to a site without the need to fill in the registration form. The options for Facebook and Google+ are included in OpenCart One Page Checkout login features.

Social login feature of OpenCart One Page Checkout extension Increase number of registration provides verified email address, Access richer user profiles with information like location, interests, birthday, and more. Using this data, you can target personalized content to the user. Social login with OpenCart Single Page checkout provides up-to-date profiles as many users do not update the data over store website but they keep their social networks up-to-date. This is one of the ways eCommerce store owners have adopted for conversion optimization.

Provides various shipping and payment methods

OpenCart One Page Checkout extension supports nearly all major shipping and payment methods so that store admin can provide customers with a range of shipping and payment options to choose from. Store admin may also set the default form of shipping and payment. Besides, for each shipping form, the owner should determine which payment methods will apply to it.

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OpenCart Quick Checkout extension decreases the abandonment rate of the cart and raises the sales by an incredible margin. OpenCart One Page Checkout extension boosts conversions and the retention rate. The email integration feature with MailChimp is incorporated in OpenCart One Page Supercheckout, this helps to grow the email marketing base by gathering email addresses. Adding One Page Checkout extension on your OpenCart store can benefit you in many ways.

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