Know all about OpenCart Spin and Win Extension | Exit Intent Pop up

Opencart Interactive pop up Extension permit the OpenCart merchant to incorporate a gamified popup on the front-end of the website. This interactive popup module is one of the approaches to disregard the irritating subscription popup that offers a 10% discount in return for the email ID of the customers. Instead, the Opencart subscription pop up Extension by Knowband adds a fun-loving approach to gather the email ID of the clients.

Benefits of Opencart Interactive pop-up Extension

  • OpenCart Spin and Win Extension can help the store admin in collecting the email IDS of the customers visiting the store without irritating them with the traditional popups.
  • The Opencart Responsive pop-up Extension can be masterminded to show the turning wheel at the passage, exit of the clients, or anyplace on the site.
  • With OpenCart Subscription pop up Extension admin can work on the appearance of its online store.
  • The OpenCart Email Subscription pop up Extension comes with several elegant themes and wheel designs to choose from.

Features of Opencart Responsive popup Extension

Opencart Responsive popup Extension gathers email Ids in a gamified way

The Email Subscription Pop-Up Extension permits gathering the email ids of the customers visiting your e-commerce website in a fun and gamified way. This module encourages you to grow your subscriber community so that those email ids can be used for further targeting.

Opencart Email Subscription pop up Extension can be enabled/disabled with just a click

With a single click, Opencart Exit Pop up Extension can be activated or deactivated.

Opencart Entry Pop up offers various customizations

With Opencart Responsive pop up Extension, admin gets to do few customizations such as store owner can change the theme of the popup, the background color of the spin wheel popup, etc.

Showcase the customizations

The Opencart admin gets the freedom to pick when and where they need to display the spin wheel popup.

Huge discount banners can be replaced

The Email Subscription pop up Extension replaces exhausting discount banners that the customers generally don’t focus on and welcomes on the gamified spin wheel popup which effectively catches customer attention.

With OpenCart Email Subscription Pop up extension manages email ids

Opencart Spin Wheel Extension Extension offers syncing of email ids of the customers with Mailchimp, Klaviyo, and constant contact. This way the store owners can easily manage the email ids as well.

OpenCart Newsletter Subscription popup Extension offers various templates

 OpenCart Subscription Pop Up Extension offers numerous layouts to look over. The merchants can undoubtedly pick the one that works with their store’s theme.

OpenCart Responsive Popup Extension enhance look and feel

The merchants can additionally improve the look and feel by entering custom CSS and JS codes.

OpenCart Newsletter Subscription Popup offers graphical analysis

Opencart Exit Pop up Extension permits the admin to look for a graphical comparison of the number of coupons bought versus the quantity utilized.

Benefits of the OpenCart Email Subscription pop up Extension

1. This extension is simple for the admin to install and design the site.

2. Makes admin’s site intuitive just as responsive.

3. It turns out to be not difficult to engage customers on the website.

4. Almost certainly, by seeing the worthwhile limits the conversion rate of the website might increase.

5. The client can win exciting discounts on the website.

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