The best OpenCart Extensions for your eCommerce store

OpenCart is quite possibly the one of most popular open-source platforms accessible to eCommerce merchants. There are about 900,000 eCommerce websites dependent on the OpenCart platform. Hence, it decidedly is the most preferred one for business traders and so are the Opencart Extensions. It is possibly the most outstanding and simple-to-use eCommerce platform. The inspiration driving why OpenCart has been picked by merchants throughout the planet is because of their modules.

The OpenCart extensions offered by Knowband are marvelous. Knowband is quite possibly the most popular and trusted seller on the OpenCart Marketplace.

This blog discusses the best OpenCart extensions for your eCommerce store by Knowband. Explore them under.

Best OpenCart extensions for your eCommerce store

OpenCart eCommerce mobile app extension

The eCommerce business has obtained force wherever in the previous few years. Also, staying ahead in the business isn’t simple. Customer engagement has reliably been an intention of each eCommerce merchant. The online presence of purchasers moved from websites to mobile apps. Further, it brought the need of having an Android or iOS app. The OpenCart Mobile App Builder is what helpers you through. With the OpenCart Mobile App Maker, you can without any hassle make a mobile app for your audience. The module helps you with designing the settings as per your business needs.

OpenCart Mobile App Builder

OpenCart One Page Checkout

Online customers are not prepared to make an online purchase from an eCommerce store that has a long checkout measure. Thus, the store owners need to manage the checkout fields. In addition, keep the fundamental advances just on the single page checkout. The OpenCart One Page Checkout enables the customers to complete their purchase in absolute understanding. The One Page Checkout for OpenCart is the best part for diminishing the bounce rate at the checkout page.

OpenCart One Page Checkout

OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integration Extension

eBay is a popular marketplace that features online selling of a whole variety of products. By selling on eBay Marketplace, you take your products to a broader audience. With the OpenCart eBay Integrator Connector, you can without a doubt integrate your eCommerce store with the marketplace. The basic features of the OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integration module incorporate basic profile management, mass product listing, and more.

OpenCart eBay Connector

OpenCart Abandoned Cart Extension

The OpenCart Abandoned Cart Extension by Knowband is a re-marketing tool. The module helps store proprietors in recovering lost sales. Similarly, it focuses on customers who leave the things in their cart. The abandoned carts without completing the purchase. The OpenCart abandoned Cart reminder Extension sends update triggers to the customers to finish the purchase. The module sends customized messages to the customers and helps them convert. The messages can be either computerized or genuinely sent by the admin.

OpenCart Abandoned Cart Extension

OpenCart Marketplace Extension

With the OpenCart Multi-seller marketplace module, the store vendors are feeling free to convert their store into a marketplace. The OpenCart Multi vendor Marketplace Extension works proficiently and plausibly. It is a win-win for store proprietors and sellers. It is a useful OpenCart Extension for expanding the customer base. There are numerous features of the OpenCart Marketplace Module. For instance, incorporate basic vendor registrations, handling commissions, payouts, and more.

OpenCart Multi seller marketplace

OpenCart Store Locator Extension

Exactly when you need help your customers save the shipping fee, the OpenCart store locator and pickup extension is helpful. The OpenCart in-store pickup module gives a choice to the customers. Further, where they can either pay the shipping fee or pick up their products from a close-by store. The admin can list the stores that the customer can choose from with the help of Google Maps. Hence, the customer can check out the distance from their location. And, they can choose where they want to pick up the product from.

OpenCart Store Locator and Pick up


These OpenCart extensions, straightforwardly and indirectly expand your customer base. For instance, the mobile app builder for Android and iOS straightforwardly takes your business to a more extensive audience. Then again, other OpenCart Extensions help your eCommerce business. Further, help focus on a more extensive audience. In addition? Knowband ensures that the store admins get all the support they need. They can impart their requests to the Support Team here.

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