Deliver on time with OpenCart Preferred Delivery Time module

The ultimate goal of an eCommerce store is to enhance its sales which can happen when your customers are happy. Right? Well, to keep the customers happy, the OpenCart store owners do a lot of things including providing the deliveries when they want. To make that possible, the OpenCart Preferred Delivery Time module by Knowband is what you need to take a look at.

The OpenCart module by Knowband lets the customers choose the date and time of the delivery. Providing a win-win situation for both the customers and the store owners. So, with the help of the OpenCart preferred delivery time extension, you can enhance the user experience and also sales of your eCommerce store.

This blog talks about the key features of the OpenCart preferred delivery time module.

Features of the OpenCart Preferred Delivery Time module

1. Easy delivery date and time choice

The OpenCart prefer delivery module allows the customers to pick the date and time of delivery at the checkout page. With this OpenCart extension, the customers find it extremely easy to pick their preferred date and time while finishing their purchase.

2. Selection of date and time after placing the order

The OpenCart extension allows them to roll out the improvements post order. Hence, even if your customers have not selected the date and time or made the choice wrongly, they can easily rectify the same once they’ve placed the order.

3. Calendar format for date and drop-down menu for time choice

The customers can pick the date from the calendar format while; the time slot starting from the drop menu. So, while being on the checkout page, the customer can easily click on the date and the calendar will pop-up. On the other hand, the time slot is clickable. The drop-down menu will appear from which they can choose the timings.

4. The time slot range is optional from the back-end

The store admin can design the ‘time slot range’ by the need in the OpenCart module. In case the store admin doesn’t want to give the choice of time-slot choice to the customers, he can easily deactivate it from the back-end.

5. Beginning and end time is customizable

The beginning time and the end time of the delivery are customizable with the assistance of the OpenCart preferred delivery date and time extension.

6. No-Delivery days can be shown on the front-end

The “Delivery not accessible during these days” is an imprint that is customizable by the admin for days when the conveyances can’t be made. The customers can’t choose a delivery date when the store proprietor (you) isn’t making conveyances.

7. Customizable email template

The email format of the OpenCart preferred delivery date and time extension is customizable.

8. SSL compatibility

The OpenCart prefer delivery date by Knowband time is SSL viable.

9. Multi-store compatibility

The OpenCart module is multi-store viable.

10. Multiple devices compatibility

The OpenCart prefer delivery time module is optimized for every one of the devices. The user will want to use this component on their cell phones, tablets, workstations, or desktops.


If you need your customers to remain engaged and shop from your eCommerce store and your visitors to change over, you can without much of a stretch do that by having the element of OpenCart prefer delivery date and time extension on your store. It does not just make it simpler for the customers to get the conveyances when they need to yet, in addition, encourages you as store admin to apply less.

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