Top Reasons How Opencart Gift Card Extension Increase Your Revenue

A Gift Card is a famous medium that is used for making people aware of the brand. OpenCart Gift Module boosts sales, revenue, and helps you in getting new customers. Gift cards are the best gift option during the holidays and special occasions. And when you wish to capture the most out of the holiday season, then Knowband’s OpenCart Gift Card extension is unquestionably for you.

OpenCart Gift Card Extension permits you to add a gift voucher panel on your online store and permits your clients to purchase and send occasion-themed gift vouchers to their friends and family. The extension can easily increase the sales of your business and is capable of attracting new customers.

Awesome Features of the OpenCart Gift Card extension That Help Boost Your Revenue:

1. OpenCart Gift Card Module adds a gift voucher button at the header, footer, and at the left half of the website pages. The e-merchants can anytime enable or disable this button from any of the areas.

2. The store owner can offer various attractive gift card templates with the extension. One can offer gift cards on occasions such as Christmas, Halloween, New Year, Birthday, Anniversary, and so on.

3. The extension tracks all the orders received through gift cards and displays them in the admin interface.

4. The extension requires no advanced coding efforts and is easy to install and integrate. Hence, the store owner can do this.

5. With Knowband’s OpenCart Gift Card extension, the e-merchant can inform the sender and the receiver about their gift cards through the notification email with the help of the extension. The substance of this email can be effortlessly changed from the admin panel.

Benefits of the OpenCart Gift Card Extension for your online business:

Boost your revenue 

The OpenCart Gift Card Module is useful in boosting the income of your business during special seasons such as the holidays. As the majority of the clients love to purchase gift vouchers, you can offer alluring occasion-themed gift cards to them and increase your revenue in less time.

Capture new customers

The Extension helps in attracting new clients to your online store. With the extension, your clients send gift vouchers to their loved ones who ultimately visit your site to purchase through gift vouchers.

Increase business reach time

The OpenCart Gift Card Extension assists with expanding your business reach in no time. The extension helps in spreading the brand consciousness of your business among new individuals.

Retain customers for a longer period

The extension helps the e-merchants to hold clients for a longer period. The extension can enhance the experience of the clients and their beloved ones by offering them appealing gift vouchers for exceptional events.

You can try the Admin Demo, Front Demo, and User Manual of the extension to know more.

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