Understanding four Ps of OpenCart Google Shopping Integration

Searching, viewing, and comparing products on Google search pages becomes easier with OpenCart Google Shopping Integration.

OpenCart Google Shopping Integration

What is OpenCart Google Shopping Integration?

OpenCart Google Shopping Integration helps store owners to map their items to Google shopping. Furthermore, this extension offers some great benefits to owners. The entire OpenCart category can be mapped to Google Shopping using this Opencart extension. Also, the module offers compatibility for the multi-shop environment. Furthermore, OpenCart Google Shopping Module allows the store admin to exclude products based on specific conditions for instance products below a specific price. This module even helps in managing multiple attribute groups for Color, Size, Gender, Pattern, etc. 

OpenCart Google Shopping Integration

OpenCart Google Shopping Module even helps to save a lot of time and effort for manual product feed. Along with these incredible features, this Opencart extension offers P’s, i.e. Profile Management, Product Listing, Sync Product Status, and Product Description Template. Each feature will be discussed in detail in the blog.

Features of OpenCart Google Shopping Module

Feature 1: Profile Management offered by OpenCart Google Shopping Integration Extension

The extension Profile offers a Profile management tab. With the assistance of this feature of the module, merchants can select the basic settings to list the product such as –Store category selection, Currency, Language, and other required fields. Furthermore, after doing this admin needs to create a feed for that specific profile. 

OpenCart Google Shopping Integration

Feature 2: OpenCart Google Shopping Integration Plugin provides Product listing

Product listing is another incredible feature of the plugin. This feature allows listing all the items which the store admin needs to list to the Google Shopping from the OpenCart Store. Further, under the Product listing tab of the Google Shopping Connector extension, it can be viewed. Moreover, store merchants can view various things such as product image, listing Id, name, profile to which product is mapped, Listing Status, and Date Added.

Feature 3: Sync Product Status

Sync product status is the alternative to the Google Shopping OpenCart extension. Using this extension, store merchants can update the Google Shopping listing status of the items easily. Moreover, the status of the product on the product listing page can be tracked using the Google Shopping OpenCart connector plugin.

Feature 4: Product Description Template feature offered by OpenCart Google Shopping Integration

The plugin offers a Product description template feature that allows using various and different placeholders for the item description. This way store merchants can create their impactful product description. Furthermore, admin can utilize the placeholders like – {id_product}, {product_title}, {manufacturer_name}, {price}.

OpenCart Google Shopping Integration

My take on OpenCart Google Shopping Integration Plugin 

Hence, OpenCart Google Shopping Integration Plugin by Knowband is a great plugin for store merchants. Along with several incredible features, it provides an excellent and complete functional integration solution to the OpenCart store admin. This extension permit listing and displaying their products on the Google sponsored ads. 

Furthermore, the most advanced Knowband Google Shopping Feed for OpenCart provides a simple way to display your items on Google shopping. Also, the module attracts new as well as focused clients to your online store. 

Knowband offers various plugins for different platforms including Opencart. The plugins are efficient enough to enhance the functionality of your eCommerce platforms. Along with efficient plugins, they provide post-sales support to customers. Write to the Knowband team at [email protected] in case of any query.

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