How OpenCart Infinite Scroll Extension is great for a new online store?

OpenCart Infinite Scroll Module gives consistent navigation over numerous pages and a problem-free shopping experience to online clients. It hinders pagination as it is probably the greatest obstacle in working on any e-commerce website. OpenCart Infinite quick scroll extension enables websites to eliminate this obstacle by offering single-click access with minimal inconvenience to the clients.

For the most part, clients need to peruse numerous pages looking for the ideal item on the site. However, this could prompt a loss of time and even the interest of clients as well. OpenCart Infinite fast scroll extension is the ideal approach to headway to hinder pagination and gives consistent navigation of all the products on a single page. With the assistance of the dropdown scrolling module, customers can stack the results of the following page on the current one just by scrolling down the page.

This module enables automatic loading of pages without even scrolling down the page and provide direction through the product catalogue. As all the items are accessible on a single page, clients need not move from one page to another for the next product. The OpenCart Infinite endless scroll extension gives you various features that are completely adaptable and simple to design from the backend interface without requiring any coding information.

Why this module is great for newcomers?

1.The OpenCart list view plugin enables automatic page loads as well as list items without scrolling down the page.

2. Customers can navigate to the next page of product listing without reloading the next page with the help of OpenCart list product extension.

3.This module offers compatibility with URLs that are SEO friendly.

4.Store owners using OpenCart dropdown scrolling plugin will get the advantage of the ‘Load More’ feature. This feature is used to pause Infinite Scroll after a definite interval of pages.

5. From the backend of the Infinite Scroll module, this page interval for the load can be set.

6. By enabling the sandbox setting and entering the specific IP address, store owners can test the working of the OpenCart Infinite Scroll Extension.

7.Speaking about the admin interface of the OpenCart plugin, it’s easy and requires no use of coding knowledge to execute.

8.The OpenCart quick scroll extension offers a “Go To Top” link features to customers, which is a start point of any product listing page.

9.This OpenCart Infinite Scroll Module shows a loader while stacking the following page items on the same page and this loader is configured and disabled whenever needed from the back-end interface.

10.The OpenCart Infinite Scroll Module offers the freedom to store owners of changing the background and text color of the end page message. Also, this module allows you to go to the top link.

11. The OpenCart dropdown scrolling plugin permits the admin to show a custom message to the clients after all the item postings have been stacked on the front.

12. With OpenCart quick scroll extension, the admin can choose to show his product line in grid or list format.

13. This Infinite Scroll extension for OpenCart gives an alternative to incorporate CSS and JS code from the back-office. Utilizing the custom CSS and JS store admin can change the look and feel of the module.

14.This module is compatible with all the OpenCart themes, so the store owner can design the look and feel of the infinite scroll based on their site theme.

15.This module comes with multi-store compatibility.

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