Everything You Need to Know About OpenCart One Page Advanced Checkout extension

If you are an eCommerce store owner and want to improve your online store’s conversion rate then you need to pay attention to the checkout process and optimize it. Checkout is the last and one of the most important steps where the buyer takes the decision whether he is going to purchase the product or not. If your checkout page is fast and optimized then there are high chances of more conversions on your store. But if your checkout process is slow, rigid, and not user-friendly, then you are losing a lot of sales on your eCommerce store.

Knowband offers OpenCart One Page Advanced Checkout extension which makes your checkout process faster and easier for your customers by which you get maximum conversions on your online store. The extension offers a popup that displays all checkout fields step by step on a single page without changing the URL of the page.

With the OpenCart Advanced One Page Checkout extension, you can not only increase the rate of successful orders in your store but also can give your customers an amazing checkout experience. The extension offers a lot of advanced features which makes the process even easier and more convenient for the customers to place their orders. Let’s take a look at all the major features the extension offers.

Major Highlights of the OpenCart Advanced One Page Checkout:

1. Login with Social Accounts: With the extension, you can allow your customers to easily and quickly sign in to your website using popular social networks like Facebook and Google. With the social login option, you can easily reduce the chances of failed logins on your eCommerce store. You just need to add App IDs and App Secret ID to integrate both the social networks to the extension.

2. Guest Checkout functionality: With the OpenCart One Page Checkout extension, you can allow your customers to log in to their accounts or register themselves if they don’t have an account. You can also allow your customers to place their orders as guest customers without making any account with the Guest checkout functionality.

3. Multiple Payment Methods: To increase confidence in the customers, offering multiple payment options is preferable. If you offer just 1 or 2 payment methods then there are chances that some of the customers may leave the checkout page without completing their purchase.

Knowband’s OpenCart Smart Checkout extension is compatible with nearly all the major and popular payment and shipping methods so that your customers can choose their desired payment and shipping methods.

4. Easy Customizations of Checkout Fields: With the OpenCart Quick Checkout extension, you can easily customize the checkout fields or can re-arrange them from the back-end. With the extension, you can easily display or hide any of the checkout fields or can re-arrange their positions by simply dragging and dropping the fields from the admin interface. This feature makes it easy for the store admin to manage the checkout page.

5. Make Checkout Fields Mandatory or Optional: Knowband’s OpenCart Advanced One Page Checkout extension lets you make the important checkout fields mandatory or optional according to your business needs. If a field is compulsory to fill for the customer then he can’t skip it and place the order.

The extension displays an error every time the buyer skips the mandatory field. He can place his order by filling the field. With this feature, the store owner can make sure that he gets all the important details of the buyers for purposes like comfortably delivering the product to customers’ addresses, etc.

6. MailChimp Integration: Knowband’s OpenCart Advanced One Page Checkout extension offers MailChimp Integration by which the store owner can sync the customers’ data with his MailChimp account automatically. To integrate the MailChimp account with the extension, the store admin needs to add the MailChimp API key in the back-end of the extension.

Click the below links to know more about the extension:

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Advanced One Page Checkout is also available for PrestaShop platform.

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