Ready To Launch OpenCart Progressive Web App (PWA) For eCommerce

Because of technological advancements and the convenience of online shopping, the majority of online visitors tend to use mobile apps rather than desktop websites to make online purchases. As a result, it has become quite important for OpenCart store owners to convert their eCommerce website to a Progressive Web App (PWA). However, not everybody is capable of launching a Progressive Web App on their own. So, the Knowband plugins offer an OpenCart PWA App Builder extension to help with owning a shopping app. The OpenCart PWA Mobile App Maker is a no-code framework that gives users a native app-like experience with web browser features. The PWA for OpenCart is helpful in attracting and retaining more online visitors. In order to make the changes in the live app, the store admin does not have to learn a coding language. The extension offers complete design and management control from the admin panel. 

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Core Features Of OpenCart PWA Mobile App Creator:

1. Easy To Install & Use:

The OpenCart eCommerce PWA App is easy to install without having any dependency on Play Store and App Store. It allows users to add the eCommerce mobile app to their smartphones while browsing the eCommerce website on the mobile browser. The online visitors just need to click on the “Add to home screen” popup while browsing the eCommerce website on their smartphone. The OpenCart PWA Mobile app will be automatically added to their mobile device. 

2. White Label Solution:

The PWA for OpenCart enables the store admin to completely brand the shopping app via the admin panel. The Progressive Web App allows the store admin to add a brand name, icon, picture, splash screen, background color, logo, etc.

3. Home Screen Layout Customization:

The OpenCart PWA App Builder allows the store owner to personalize the home screen even after the mobile app is live. The PWA app allows the store admin to add the banner, image, slider, intuitive colors, fonts, etc. The store admin can change the look and feel of the mobile app anytime. The eCommerce merchant can design, select, and add several layouts in the extension backend. He can choose the right one according to the requirement. The DIY editor doesn’t require any coding knowledge to craft or manage the home screen of the app. 

4. Multi-Device Compatibility:

The OpenCart PWA App Maker is compatible with all mobile devices and platforms. Online shoppers can use it on any platform like Android and iOS. The Progressive Web  App is the most suitable choice because you don’t need to invest in multiple apps, instead, a single app will cover all. 

5. Email And Social Login:

Users can also log in with just a single tap in the OpenCart PWA Mobile App. The store owner can include social login options like Facebook and Google along with email login and registration in the PWA Mobile App.

6. Multi-Lingual (RTL):

Users can select the preferred OpenCart Progressive Web App language and translate the app into that language. The store admin can enable all of the eCommerce website languages and currencies on the shopping apps including RTL writing styles like Arabic, Urdu, Hebrew, Persian, etc.

7. Multiple Payment and Shipping Options:

The OpenCart PWA Mobile App Builder supports all eCommerce website payment and shipping options on the mobile app. The customers can choose their most trusted shipping and payment method in the Progressive Web App and complete the transaction.

8. Single Page Checkout:

Users may get irritated if unnecessary information is being asked while purchasing and can end up abandoning their cart. Thus, the OpenCart PWA App Maker allows users to complete the transaction process in the Progressive Web App by only filling in the necessary details.

8. Real-Time Synchronization-

The OpenCart PWA App Maker eliminates the need for the store admin to make inventory changes on the website and app separately. Since the PWA Mobile App is completely synchronized with the eCommerce website. Hence any operations performed on the store inventory and data will automatically be reflected on the eCommerce mobile app.

9. Unlimited Push Notifications:

The store admin can use the OpenCart PWA Mobile App backend to send push notifications to customers. The notification can be about current deals, abandoned carts, and other information. Even if the mobile screen is locked or the eCommerce app is closed, the customers are still going to receive the notification. So, the template, link, and image of the push notification can be simply configured from the admin panel. 

10. Offline Mode:

The OpenCart Progressive Web App enables online visitors to access all the items in the PWA app even in offline mode. When the customer is online, the Progressive Web App stores the cache of the preloaded screen and shows it to users when they are lacking an internet connection. 


There were some of the key features of OpenCart PWA App Builder that help in the growth of the eCommerce business. So, here are a lot more other benefits as well. If you have been in search of a potent mobile app solution for your OpenCart website, this is the perfect solution with all the necessary features. Connect with us at [email protected] for more details.  

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