New features of OpenCart Marketplace Plugin latest version

Knowband offers an OpenCart Marketplace Plugin that transforms your Opencart eCommerce site into an online marketplace. Furthermore, third-party merchants can create an account and list products on your site after Opencart marketplace integration gets installed. All product types, including simple, customized, and packaged, are compatible with the OpenCart Marketplace Plugin.

Opencart marketplace integration

The Opencart marketplace integration provides a wide range of configuration options for both shop administrators as well as sellers. While the store owner has control over the commission, seller’s profile, product listing, transaction, and other aspects of the OpenCart Multi-vendor Marketplace extension from the backend. From dashboard, sellers have control over commission, seller’s profile, product listing, transaction, and other features of their shop. The OpenCart Multi-vendor Marketplace extension is viable with all item types, that is, straightforward, configurable just as packaged. 

Opencart marketplace integration

Offering simplicity of the executives both to the store administrator just as the merchants, the OpenCart Marketplace extension offers a tremendous degree arrangement. While the storekeeper can deal with the commission, dealer’s profile, item posting, exchange, and different angles from the back-finish of the OpenCart Multi-merchant Marketplace expansion. Moreover, the vendors can handle their shop from the Dashboard.

The eCommerce storekeepers would now be able to grow the item range without keeping up with their own stock. The administration of the items and stock of the administrator just as outsider merchants become easy with the Opencart marketplace integration.

Features offered by the latest version of the OpenCart Marketplace Plugin:

  • The latest version of the Opencart multi-vendor marketplace extension offers some incredible features, an improved admin interface is one of them. Further, this feature offers effortless management. The latest version of the module offers a seller registration form along with custom fields. With the help of this feature, the admin can easily create a separate registration form for the seller and add the custom fields to the seller form. From the backend of the module, entries can be viewed easily.
Opencart marketplace integration
  • Seller Info on Seller Invoice with the option to enable or disable the same from the admin is provided in the latest versions. Furthermore, with the help of this feature, even the previous earning can be calculated on all the order statuses i.e. Cancelled, Returned, etc. 
Opencart marketplace integration
  • The latest version of this module provides an option in the admin interface to assign the item to the sellers. Moreover, in the admin interface, register customers as sellers, 

Working of Opencart Multi-Vendor/Seller Marketplace extension

1. In the Opencart store, install the Opencart marketplace integration. The multi-seller capability is enabled in your store once you install as well as enable the extension.

2. Once its complete, a checkbox will appear in the registration form, allowing any store visitor to become a seller and offer things in your store.

3. A seller registration request issued if a consumer registers for a seller. Furthermore, the store admin gets the choice to approve or disapprove the seller request.

4. You can start earning commissions after you have a large number of vendors in your shop, which you may specify using the OpenCart Marketplace plugin’s admin panel.

5. The marketplace’s sales report can be viewed in the OpenCart marketplace plugin’s admin interface. From their dashboard, sellers can also observe how their revenues and commissions have changed.

Final Thoughts

With Knowband’s OpenCart Marketplace module, OpenCart-based eCommerce storekeepers may now create an online commercial center similar to Etsy and eBay. Simply install the OpenCart multi-merchant marketplace addition in your store, and your site’s multi-vendor functionality will be enhanced. Further, outside vendors can certainly register as well as list their wares on the site. The site administrator is even in charge of the many components of the shop board. The back-end of the OpenCart Multi merchant marketplace module should be able to access the vendor’s profile, class solicitation, products, as well as survey endorsement.

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