Reduce cart abandonment with Opencart Modules

Opencart modules are very promising when it comes to performance. The plugins are designed keeping each aspect of e-commerce stores in mind because of plugins results in smooth functionality of stores. These three Opencart modules Opencart Google Shopping, Opencart One Page Checkout extension, and OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integration Module are efficient modules. This blog will help you understand these Opencart modules in depth.

Opencart Modules

OpenCart Google Shopping Integration module

The most efficient module among opencart modules that automatically synchronizes each result of the OpenCart eCommerce store and the necessary settings to the Google Merchant Center Account is the OpenCart Google Shopping Integration module. Furthermore, the OpenCart Google Shopping Feed Integration extension gives the quickest and the most straightforward board to acquire tremendous perceivability for your items and site in an extremely brief time frame. Moreover, store administrators can transfer their item feeds to Google Shopping without any problem by utilizing OpenCart Google Shopping Integration Extension.

OpenCart Google Shopping Integration module- Opencart Modules

Google is an extremely popular web search tool that previously made a major name in the field of online business. Further, the web crawler is mostly affecting the development odds of eCommerce stores to an exceptionally huge level. Initially, it streamlines the exhibition of your eCommerce store by giving excellent item feed to contact the perfect individuals with applicable item promotions.

What are the benefits of the Google Shopping Integration Module?

  • Guide whole OpenCart classification to Google Shopping 
  • Viable for the multi-shop climate. 
  • Administrators can avoid items dependent on explicit conditions like items under a particular cost 
  • Items without novel identifiers (EAN13/JAN or UPC) 
  • Effectively deal with the different trait bunches for Color, Size, Gender, Pattern, and some more. 
  • It will save your part of time and exertion for manual item feed.
OpenCart Google Shopping Integration module- Opencart Modules

Opencart One Page Checkout extension

Opencart One Page Checkout extension is made for reducing shopping cart abandonment rates. Further, the extension is faster, smarter and even offers a better checkout page. With its advanced features, it replaces default checkout. Opencart One Page Checkout Pro even decreases the time required to checkout and collecting personal information.

OpenCart Google Shopping Integration module- Opencart Modules

Customers can log in through their social accounts including Facebook and Google accounts. Because Opencart One Page Checkout extension offers Facebook and Google login as a result, customers’ convenience increases. Due to this feature, clients don’t have to remember the password anymore and can log in easily.

What are the benefits of One Page Checkout for OpenCart?

  1. Opencart One Page Checkout extension provides Guest checkout functionality. Furthermore, this helps users to easily and quickly finish their orders being guest customers without making a new account on your eCommerce store.  
  2. With the assistance of Google, Facebook, and Paypal accounts, clients can easily log in to the website.
OpenCart Google Shopping Integration module- Opencart Modules
  • OpenCart One Page Checkout Pro extension allows the admin to customize the fields on the checkout page from its back-end. Furthermore, the store admin can hide as well as show any of the fields from the checkout page. Admin can even make them either optional or mandatory for the clients to fill. With drag and drop functionality, store merchants can even re-arrange the arrange the position fields 
  • The OpenCart One Page Checkout Pro extension, one amongst the efficient opencart modules, allows the merchant to simply change the checkout page’s design and feel. Further, customization includes changing the color of the buttons, background button color, text color, etc.
OpenCart Google Shopping Integration module- Opencart Modules
  • Offers multi-store and multi-lingual compatibility. Furthermore, it supports all the major shipping and payment methods that will boost the confidence of the clients to pick their required method from the checkout page.

OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integration Module

Knowband offers OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integration Module. This efficient module allows the OpenCart store administrator to list their items on the eBay marketplace. Also, this extension deals with their stock and orders at a couple of clicks. The OpenCart eBay API integrator even makes it simpler for the store administrator to associate their store with the commercial center. Simultaneously, the OpenCart eBay API integrator robotizes the whole cycle of item posting, stock, and request on the board.

OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integration Module

What are the benefits of eBay Marketplace Integration Module?

  • List items on eBay in mass without any problem. 
  • Oversee stock on eBay from the Opencart store itself. 
  • Oversee eBay orders from the Opencart store administrator itself. 
  • Figure out how to spend less or high evaluating on eBay. 
  • Mass Inventory sync measure for the recorded item 
  • Oversee item amount to be sent on eBay.
OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integration Module- Opencart Modules

Why Knowband?

Knowband brags of the best in the business modules for eCommerce frameworks and has long periods of involvement working with eCommerce websites. Henceforth, you may drop a mail at [email protected] for any query.

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