Top Features To Consider: OpenCart Multi Vendor Marketplace

A Marketplace is an online platform where the customers can buy from a variety of products. When you create a Marketplace, there are plenty of things to keep in mind and to plan for to achieve your Marketplace goals. You can create a Marketplace from scratch with coding which will take a lot of effort and time or you can get a ready-made extension by which you can easily create a Marketplace even if you aren’t a developer. Knowband offers OpenCart Multi-Vendor Marketplace Extension by which you can easily and quickly create your own fully efficient Marketplace without having any coding knowledge.

After creating the multi-seller marketplace, you need to add and check some of the must-have features in a marketplace to ensure its smooth functioning. In this write-up, we will be discussing all the top features which you should consider adding to your marketplace to grow your business.

Top Features to Consider Adding in OpenCart Marketplace:

1. Fix the Monetization Model:

The first thing after creating your multi-seller marketplace is to decide how you are going to earn from it. You can fix a commission rate, subscription plan, or can charge commission on every product listing. You can decide the monetization model and mutually agree on these terms with the sellers to have transparency. While fixing the commission rate, you can charge a fix or percentage-based commission from your sellers.

2. Useful Admin Features:

Since the marketplace owner/admin doesn’t have to add and list products and manage inventory, he needs to have complete control over the activities and transactions that happened on the multi-seller marketplace. The admin should be able to check and restrict any negative activity on the marketplace.

Knowband’s OpenCart Multi-Vendor Marketplace allows the admin to check the transaction and earnings of the sellers. Moreover, the admin can help the sellers in listing the products. The admin can adjust the major settings of the marketplace, run deals and promotions, check customer feedback and reviews, etc.

3. Efficient Seller Dashboard:

The OpenCart Marketplace Extension offers a dashboard to the sellers from where they can perform multiple activities like listing their products, check the total orders and product sold, total sale and earnings, and other criteria. The dashboard is user-friendly and organized by which the sellers can perform their activities smoothly without any hassle.

4. Inventory Management:

As the admin doesn’t have to list products and manage the inventory, Knowband’s OpenCart Multi-vendor Marketplace Plugin allows the sellers to easily upload and add their products and manage the inventory without any problem. From the Products tab in the Seller Dashboard, the sellers can add or remove products. The sellers can also edit the information of already added products from the Dashboard.

5. Manage Orders:

The OpenCart Multi seller Marketplace module allows both the seller and the admin of the marketplace to view and manage the orders received. The seller can check the orders from the ‘Orders’ tab in the dashboard. He can also print the invoice for that particular order. The seller can also check the orders by applying various filters of ID, date, status, etc.

6. Fix Payout Terms:

From the seller dashboard, the vendors can check the total payout done and the total pending payout. The sellers can also check the Payout requests and can also create a new request from the dashboard.

You can know more about Knowband’s OpenCart Marketplace Module from the below links:

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