Transform store into marketplace using eBay OpenCart Integration

eBay OpenCart Integration by Knowband is probably the quickest way to connect your OpenCart store with eBay. Furthermore, the OpenCart plugin helps store admin to connect their eCommerce store with the marketplace easily. Simultaneously, the eBay OpenCart Integration automates the entire process of product listing, inventory as well as order management.

eBay OpenCart Integration

eBay OpenCart Integration allows store owners to list their things on the eBay marketplace. Furthermore, the module maintains inventories and orders with just a few mouse clicks. Furthermore, the OpenCart eBay API integrator simplifies the process of connecting a store to an online marketplace. This plugin automates the whole process of product listing, inventory, and order management.

Benefits offered by the eBay OpenCart Integration:

eBay OpenCart Integration
  • The OpenCart eBay Integrator permits the store administrator to avoid steps involved in lengthy store integration. Moreover, the store admin can connect the eCommerce store in simple steps. Further, merchants can connect their stores in simple steps.
  • OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integration Plugin allows store merchants to create many profiles as they wish from the back-end.
  • The profile-based item posting of the OpenCart eBay Integrator permits the store administrator to avoid manual posting. 
  • The eBay Connector makes it simpler for the store administrator to map the product attribute as well as categories with that attribute and categories of eBay.
eBay OpenCart Integration
  • The module permits the sellers to add, eliminate, amend or relist the items on the marketplace.
  • Alongside simple inventory services, the OpenCart eBay Connector offers simple inventory and management. Furthermore, the store admin can sync the orders received from Furthermore, the store admin can sync the orders got from with their OpenCart store and process it from that point. As a result, store merchants need not visit the commercial center/marketplace.
eBay OpenCart Integration
  • Two-way synchronization offered by OpenCart eBay Integrator is possible by executing cron in the back-end. 
  • From the back-end of the OpenCart eBay Connector module, the sellers can check the mistake that happened while item posting.

eBay OpenCart Integration installation steps

Buy the OpenCart eBay Integration extension from the store and will receive the following files: 

1. The source code for the module is contained in a zipped file.

2. User Manual

To install the Opencart plugin in your store, follow the steps below.

1. Unzip the zipped and will receive the files mentioned below:

OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integrator

2. Paste all of the files and folders from the zip file into the site’s Root Directory.

3. The OpenCart eBay Integration module is ready to use. Find the module by Go to Admin -> Main Menu -> Extensions.

OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integrator

4. Furthermore, eBay integration can be chosen from the list of modules. Then, click on the edit button.

OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integrator

Reason to use Knowband plugins

Knowband offers the best in the business modules for eCommerce platforms and has long periods of involvement working with eCommerce sites. Furthermore, it offers the best modules to platforms including – Magento, Prestashop, OpenCart, and Shopify. Along with plugins, it offers custom module advancement as well as customization services for both website and modules. 

You can contact Knowband at [email protected] with any questions or concerns, as it offers the most efficient and effective customer service.

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User Manual

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