The best OpenCart Extensions for selling on a Marketplace

Yes, if you are reading this blog, you have an OpenCart platform and considering the best OpenCart extensions for selling on a marketplace. Well, you are at the right place. Here, we’ll be talking about a lot of things so that you need to have a better understanding of the ‘marketplace’. Starting from what it actually means, its key highlights to the best OpenCart Extensions for selling on a marketplace.

What is a marketplace?

An online marketplace is a digital platform with a website and online/offline mobile apps forms. Furthermore, where sellers and vendors offer product postings. That too, In return for some marketplace expenses. For instance, per profile, per category, the executives, shipping, and more.

Key features of an Online Marketplace

Straightforward onboarding for new sellers

As far as a web-based business, “onboarding” portrays the way toward incorporating new users into your online marketplace. Marketplaces make onboarding easy as far as possible. In fact, with the use of the best OpenCart Extensions, you can easily connect with your choice of the online marketplace and start selling.

Elaborate and clear profiles of merchants

The full seller’s profile is a certain fire approach to demonstrate the validity of a specific merchant and the platform all in all. The main organization information that ought to display there incorporates name, email, social media links.

Improved on listing management

The dependable guideline is: the more things will be sold on the marketplace platform, the more benefit you will get. Given that, the primary assignment is to allow merchants to distribute their products for sale effortlessly.

Advantages of selling on an online marketplace

Digital visibility

A lot of customers use marketplaces as their fundamental search engine. In addition, along these lines, you can present your quality across more channels to develop. Additionally, customers feel more certain about purchasing products in online marketplaces.

Different customers

Your loyal demographic knows your image and will keep suggesting it. However, it’s the profile that you have to concentrate on in detail previously. Imagine a scenario in which you could arrive at purchasers that you have never run into. Moreover, attempt new demographic specialties and find new sales openings.

Search engine optimization fortification

You should screen your website’s SEO constantly. In addition, it’s not prudent to change your duplicates and plans time and again. In any case, you can test keywords and advertisement campaigns with your product postings. Moreover, find what draws in the most rush-hour gridlock in a marketplace!

Best OpenCart Extensions for selling on a marketplace

OpenCart Etsy Integration

OpenCart Etsy Connector

Selling your products at Etsy marketplace is a fair decision. It will help you with making a more extensive customer base. Indeed, the OpenCart Etsy Marketplace Integration assists you with selling on the platform effortlessly. When you introduce the OpenCart Etsy Connector in the store, you can make an ‘n’ number of profiles from the back-end of the module. At that point, you can effortlessly adjust your store with the marketplace. Regardless of whether it is uploading products, manage the stock, manage the orders, or following sales, you can do everything from the actual store.

The features that I just mentioned above are the tip of the iceberg. You can check out the module at the OpenCart Marketplace and have a better understanding.

OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integration

eBay OpenCart Integration

The OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integration Module allows you to integrate your PrestaShop store with eBay Marketplace. Further, he/she can do it in just a couple of snaps. It gives you effortless posting and stock management. Similarly, helps in expanding your site’s revenue. You can basically relate both – your store and eBay through the eBay OpenCart Integration. Exactly when the configuration interaction completes, you can list your products. What’s more, you can do this from the administrative center of this eBay OpenCart Connector itself. Thus, trust that your products will be sold when you display them on the platform.

With the popularity and the enormous size of the marketplace, you get a wider spectrum to sell your goods.

Walmart OpenCart Integration Extension

Walmart OpenCart Connector

Walmart has been in business for quite some time In addition, the target audience is people from all age groups. Hence, whether you’re a merchant dealing in products like electronics, home appliances, or decor, and more, you have a fair chance to be the credible one at the store and you’ll fit in well. The OpenCart Walmart Integration Extension helps you connect your store with Walmart in a couple of steps. All it takes are the Walmart API key – Consumer Id, Private Key, and Consumer Channel Type. Hence, you’re on board with the help of the Walmart OpenCart Connector.


If you’re thinking of selling on a marketplace, these are the best OpenCart extensions for you. They are fully functional, highly configurable, and come with a Support team that helps you through. Why not give it a try? Knowband has been in business for a long time serving its clients with after-sales support too. The best Opencart extensions by Knowband help you take your eCommerce business to the next level of success.

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