Unlock the Potential of Your OpenCart Store with the OpenCart Mobile App Creator by Knowband

In today’s digital age, having a mobile presence is crucial for any e-commerce business to thrive. With more and more consumers turning to their smartphones and tablets for shopping, having a mobile app for your OpenCart store is no longer just an option – it’s a necessity. This is where the OpenCart Mobile App Creator by Knowband comes into play, empowering OpenCart merchants to effortlessly create their own mobile shopping apps and tap into the booming mobile commerce market.

Why Choose OpenCart Mobile App Creator?

Why Choose OpenCart Mobile App Creator?

Seamless Integration: 

The OpenCart Mobile App Creator seamlessly integrates with your existing OpenCart store, ensuring a smooth transition to the mobile platform without any hassle.

User-Friendly Interface: 

Knowband’s intuitive interface makes it easy for even non-technical users to design, customize, and launch their mobile apps within minutes.

Personalized Branding: 

With the Android and iOS App Maker for Opencart, you can personalize your app with your brand logo, colors, and themes, providing a cohesive brand experience to your customers.

Multi-Lingual and Multi-Currency Support: 

Expand your reach globally with support for multiple languages and currencies, catering to a diverse customer base.

Real-Time Synchronization: 

Keep your mobile app updated with real-time synchronization of products, categories, prices, and inventory from your OpenCart store.

Push Notifications: 

The Mobile App for OpenCart engages with your customers and drives sales with push notifications, informing them about new products, promotions, and discounts.

Secure Payment Gateways: 

The Opencart Android and iOS Mobile App Builder Plugin ensures secure transactions with support for popular payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, and more, instilling trust and confidence in your customers.

Offline Mode: 

Enable offline browsing, allowing customers to browse products and make purchases even without an internet connection, enhancing their shopping experience.

Social Media Integration: 

Leverage the power of social media by integrating social sharing options, enabling customers to share their favorite products with their friends and followers.

Comprehensive Analytics: 

Gain valuable insights into your app’s performance with comprehensive analytics, including user behavior, sales data, and more, helping you make informed business decisions.

OpenCart Mobile App Creator- how does it work

How Does it Work?

Using the Mobile App Builder Plugin for Opencart is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Installation: Install the Knowband module in your OpenCart store and configure it according to your preferences.
  2. Customization: Customize your app’s look and feel by choosing from a range of themes, colors, and layout options to match your brand identity.
  3. Launch: Once you’re satisfied with the design, simply launch your app on leading app stores like Google Play Store and Apple App Store, reaching millions of potential customers worldwide.


The Knowband’s Mobile App for OpenCart is a game-changer for OpenCart merchants looking to expand their reach and boost sales in the mobile commerce landscape. With its seamless integration, user-friendly interface, personalized branding options, and powerful features like push notifications and real-time synchronization, it empowers businesses to stay ahead of the curve and deliver an exceptional shopping experience to their customers. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take your OpenCart store to new heights – unlock its full potential with the OpenCart Mobile App Creator by Knowband today!

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