Features Which Make OpenCart Android App Different

OpenCart is a free open source online business platform for online merchants or traders. It gives an expert and reliable foundation from which store admin can build an effective online store. OpenCart foundation appeals to a wide variety of users. Further, ranging from seasoned web developers to shop owners everyone needs one. OpenCart has been creating various useful extensions for online traders. For instance, an important extension is the Opencart Android App.

This OpenCart extension offers various benefits. However, one such feature is Synchronization. It is simpler that has been saving time for the admin and allows them for staying up with the latest. Besides that, this extension has numerous options. For instance, provides payment techniques, shipping techniques, multi-lingual, and more. Hence, features that help in a wide range of options result in a smooth and simple shopping experience. Opencart Android App Builder provides options like live Chat and Push Notifications. Furthermore, through which you can collaborate with the clients directly without any hassle.

Features Offered By Opencart Android app builder

Offers Countdown Sale Timer

The OpenCart Mobile App Builder for Android permits the store admin to show the sale banner. With the help of this extension, the store admin can fix the sale time from the backend. In addition, the flash sale banner will be shown as needs are.

The module Provide Various Color And Font Choices

To make your eCommerce Mobile App more alluring and attractive for the front-end customers free OpenCart Mobile App Builder for Android gives a lot of color and text style decisions to look over.

Multi-Lingual And RTL Support

The OpenCart Mobile App Builder for Android works in different dialects alongside RTL composing style uphold in the eCommerce versatile applications. You can without much of a stretch take your site business to the worldwide market with Opencart mobile app builder for Android.

Add To Cart Navigation Features Offered By the extension

The OpenCart Android App Maker gives control of Add To Cart Button route. The store admin can pick if the clients are to ship off the cart screen or stay on the item page once they click on the option “Add To Cart button”.

Multiple Payment Options

The extension offers a wide range of payment techniques at present accessible in your store. The store owners can facilitate the shopping on the application with secure payment alternatives. The OpenCart Mobile App Builder module provides a wide range of site delivery techniques on the eCommerce mobile apps and makes the item delivery bother free for the store merchant. This extension even supports various payment methods.

Product Social Sharing

The OpenCart Mobile App Creator permits the application app, visitors/ users, to share the items on different social media platforms. This element will help in bringing potential users to your e-commerce store.

The extension supports Coupons/Vouchers

The eCommerce mobile apps built with OpenCart Mobile App Builder support a wide range of coupons and vouchers accessible on your site.

Real-Time Synchronization

The OpenCart Mobile App Creator shapes a connection between your website and the application. All the web-store changes or updates made by the store admin will automatically reflect on the mobile app.

Automatic Inventory Management

OpenCart Mobile App Builder offers a plugin that provides real-time sync between the apps and your eCommerce website. This feature offered by Opencart Android app builder manages your store inventory and order details on the app without manual endeavors from your end.

With the module, users Can Ask Queries Directly

The OpenCart Mobile App Maker offers WhatsApp talk support in the eCommerce Android mobile apps for immediate user assistance.

In the End

If you want to target only the Android audience, this is the best you can have for them. In case, you want an OpenCart Mobile App Builder for both Android and iOS, you can have that for your eCommerce business. On the other hand, you can know more about the module by following the links mentioned below.

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