Launch OpenCart Android & iOS Mobile App Without Coding

The eCommerce Mobile Apps are establishing new trends in the online shopping market. Earlier, the eCommerce store owners were conducting their business via the website. But, that seems to be changed now. The increased demand and potential of mobile apps have opened the doors to worldwide opportunities for eCommerce businesses. The Android and iOS shopping apps come with loaded features such as improved functionality, better performance, and seamless installation. The prominent shopping apps play a major role in improving the sales and growth of the eCommerce business. In addition, the increasing number of mobile devices around the world enhances the demand for Android and iOS apps. 

The OpenCart Mobile App Maker is a full-fledged extension that offers fully-featured Android and iOS apps for your eCommerce website. It is designed with the fact that the majority of the eCommerce merchants do not have coding knowledge and this stops them from having their own app. Hence, the OpenCart Mobile App Builder provides native Android and iOS apps that can be simply configured and managed from the admin panel. A single admin panel will work for both Android and iOS apps. The OpenCart Mobile App is also an important medium of customer engagement for many eCommerce businesses. Here are several ways that the OpenCart eCommerce Mobile App can prove of importance in all the aspects:

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1. Improves The Look and Feel Of The Mobile App-

The biggest driver in the increasing popularity and growth of the eCommerce store is launching the branded mobile app. The OpenCart Mobile App Builder provides several white-label branding options to the store admin such as app name, app logo, banners, splash screen, images, UI designs, and so on. Also, the OpenCart Mobile App allows the store admin to build a homepage layout without any technological knowledge. The module features an integrated DIY editor that enables the store admin to design, create and add layout for the mobile app home screen anytime. As a result, the store owner can create and select several themes or layout templates as per the requirement for the live mobile app. 

2. Hassle-Free Login And Checkout Experience-

The OpenCart Mobile App Creator provides simple login options to the Progressive Web Apps including social login (Facebook/Google) and email registration/sign-in feature. Furthermore, the store admin can use the module backend to enable both Fingerprint and OTP (Phone Number) login options in the eCommerce mobile apps. The OpenCart Mobile App has an inbuilt simple checkout screen consisting of the few simple steps required to complete the transaction. This makes it easier for the customers to purchase products via Android and iOS App. 

3. All Languages, Payments, Shipping Methods Support-

The OpenCart eCommerce Mobile App makes it easy to target a wide mobile audience globally or in a specific region. The users can also browse the shopping app in their preferred language that can help the eCommerce business to sustain and grow well in the market. Hence, this feature allows the customers to translate the Android and iOS apps into their preferred languages. Moreover, all languages including RTL script (Arabic, Hebrew, and Persian, etc.) can be added to the mobile app. With OpenCart Android App Builder, the store admin can include all website payments and shipping options in the shopping app. The users can select their desired payment and shipping options while shopping.

4. Automatic Inventory Update With Promotional Tool-

Updating product inventory or data manually in an Android and iOS app can be a challenging job for many store owners. Since the product inventory and data of the eCommerce store are completely synchronized with the mobile apps. So, all the modifications are done on website products, categories, etc. will be automatically reflected on the front-end live apps. 

The store admin can activate and customize the push notification settings by accessing the OpenCart Mobile App backend. The push notifications can be sent manually and automatically highlighting various offers, discounts, deals, and updates, etc. The customers can receive and access the push notification even if their smartphone screen is locked and the eCommerce mobile app is closed.

5. Customer Feedback and Coupon Support-

On the OpenCart Mobile App, the user can leave a review, feedback, and rating for a specific item or product. Besides that, getting trustworthy feedback on the shopping app will assist other customers in making the right product purchase decision. The Android and iOS apps support all kinds of discounts, coupons, and voucher codes that are actively working on the eCommerce website. As a result, customers can access the same offers of the eCommerce store on the mobile app. The store admin can also use push notification features to promote the latest offers and discounts. 

Conclusion –

If you own an eCommerce store and want to expand it among mobile shoppers, you should invest in mobile apps. Having engaging Android and iOS apps can improve the future of the eCommerce business. To build your Android and IOS app with minimal effort and cost, you need to adapt to OpenCart Mobile App Creator for your eCommerce business. The shopping app will certainly improve your market opportunities and allow you to stay consistently ahead of your competitors. To know more, send us an email at [email protected]

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