How positive is OpenCart Progressive Web App for your store?

Progressive Online Apps are web apps that use service workers, manifests, and other web-platform technologies in conjunction with progressive improvement. These web apps offer users an experience on par with native apps. Furthermore, using these provides numerous advantages such as being installable, progressively enhanced, responsively designed, re-engageable, linkable, discoverable, etc to users. 

Progressive Web App

What is OpenCart Progressive Web App?

Opencart Progressive Web App is an automated opencart extension that is created to offer ease to online store owners. Furthermore, this helps owners to transform their website into a Progressive Web Application.

Progressive Web App

One of the primary advanced technologies that any eCommerce organization should look for is converting their store to a PWA. The OpenCart PWA Mobile App is a web application that works without the use of third-party App stores (Google Play and Apple App Store). Online buyers may quickly “Add PWA Software To Home Screen” and shop for things on the go, just like they would with any other app.

How does OpenCart Progressive Web App function?

After the eCommerce store has been converted to an OpenCart PWA Mobile App, consumers will be prompted to “Add PWA To Home Screen” anytime they open the store URL in their mobile browser. The OpenCart Progressive Web App is that simple to set up and utilize.

Progressive Web App

What are the features of the OpenCart Progressive Web App?

OpenCart Progressive Web App supports all types of languages and currency

Knowband Opencart Progressive Web App supports all types of regional and global languages that result in better business. Furthermore, the store merchant can provide multiple languages including RTL ones Arabic, Hebrew, Urdu, Persian, etc. with the assistance of the extension. Apart from languages, this extension support multiple currencies due to which clients can pick the ones they prefer. 

OpenCart PWA Mobile App Creator offers Push Notifications

Progressive Web App

The feature called Push Notifications acts as a profit catalyst for eCommerce mobile applications only if utilized smartly or wisely. Furthermore, this plugin permits you to send personalized push notifications directly to your app’s users’ devices. Moreover, the admin can schedule notifications including successful order creation, order status updates, and abandoned carts from the admin panel.

Efficient checkout process

Clients prefer short checkout processes and to the point. A complex and length checkout process leads to a higher bounce rate which sounds negative for your eCommerce business. The addon even provides a one-page checkout feature. 

Progressive Web App

OpenCart Progressive Web App comes with a built-in single-screen checkout that collects essential information from customers. Additionally, this plugin enables them to evaluate all of the order data at once before placing successful orders. Hence, no more cart abandonment.

OpenCart PWA Mobile App provides an offline mode

Working smoothly even when there is slow or no internet connection is what makes OpenCart PWA Mobile App unique. With the assistance of the plugins, users don’t have to keep the process of browsing products or shortlisting them.

Progressive Web App

Loads faster

PWA for OpenCart, while users are surfing, pre-load the content of the current web page. As a result, the apps provide them with a comprehensive mobile purchasing experience.

OpenCart PWA Mobile App reliable and engaging

The web browser typically stops working when it is little or no internet connection, however, the OpenCart PWA App’s offline mode feature ensures that your app users’ purchasing experience is unaffected. To keep ahead of the competition, get useful backend updates. Increase user engagement with your app by using Push Notifications.

Compatibility with various devices

The plugin is compatible with different devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc. Therefore, there’s no need to be concerned about devices being utilized while purchasing goods.

Why Knowband?

We have a pool of highly experienced and proficient programmers, designers, and other associated employees at KnowBand. Furthermore, Knowband design an OpenCart mobile app, tailored to both your tastes and the demands of your business. Knowband provides post-sales support to their customers in addition to efficient modules for eCommerce platforms.

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