6 Checkout Page Optimization Practices to Increase Conversions

Out of all the elements in an eCommerce website, the checkout process is one of the most important steps where it is finally decided that you will get the money or not. It is the last step that brings you conversions and converts the website visitors into customers. If you are getting a lot of traffic on your eCommerce website but not getting many successful orders then you need to check your checkout page and optimize it.

When a customer comes to your website, adds products to the shopping cart but leaves the website without purchasing the product, then it is called cart abandonment. Shopping Cart Abandonment may have multiple reasons like high shipping charges, lengthy and complicated checkouts, hidden product charges, forced to create an account, not enough payment methods, etc.

If you want to get more successful orders and maximize your store’s conversion rate then you need to optimize the checkout process and make it user-friendly. In this write-up, we will be sharing 6 checkout page optimizations that will make your checkout process easier, faster, and user-friendly to get maximum conversions.

1. Offer Easy Login Options:

According to various reports, it was found that around 34% of cart abandonment happened when the users are being forced to create a new account to place an order. You can include social login options to your checkout page which will not only make the checkout process fast and simple but also will save the customers from creating a new account.

2. Avoid Hidden Charges:

Charging additional hidden costs on the checkout page is not a good idea. The customers generally check all the details and the price of the product on the product page and if you show an additional cost on the checkout page, it will freak them out and you will lose your sales and a potential customer.

Display all the important details and the total price of the product on the product page and let the customer decide whether he should buy the product or not at that price.

3. Offer Free Shipping:

Nowadays, almost all online retailers offer free shipping including popular eCommerce giants. Offering free shipping is a great marketing strategy that helps the customers to make the buying decision.

If possible, you can consider offering free shipping to your customers on your online store. It will not only help you improve the conversion rate but also help you retain your customers.

4. Provide Multiple Payment Options:

Many customers leave the checkout page if they don’t find enough payment or shipping methods. Customers have their trust attached with different payment modes and options.

Offering multiple payment and shipping options will help them choose their desired and trusted option and they will complete their orders rather than leaving the checkout page.

5. Consider Using One Page Checkout:

One Page Checkout does a really great job when it comes to increasing the conversion rate. It summarizes and displays all the checkout fields on a single page and makes it easier for the online buyers to complete the checkout process and place their orders.

You can try Knowband’s One Page Checkout addon and can make your checkout quicker, easier, and responsive as compared to the default multi-step checkout. The One Page Checkout addon is available for PrestaShop, OpenCart, and Magento platforms.

6. Make Your Checkout Mobile-friendly:

More than 50% of online shopping is done through mobile devices. If your eCommerce store and checkout are not mobile responsive then you will not get satisfactory results. Make your eCommerce store mobile friendly and you will not only get more sales on your store but also capture new customers.

With these tips, you can optimize the checkout process of your online store and can improve the conversion rate of your online business.

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