Top Modules To Boost Sales Of Your Online Webstore

One Page Checkout

The checkout page needs to be user-friendly, responsive, and have a balanced page layout and structure. You can easily sign up for the One Page Checkout module, and the layout is completely editable. The fact that it accepts a variety of payments and delivery options makes it the best and most unique. The most recent version of the One Page Checkout module is compatible with the Journal theme. Single Page Checkout enhances the checkout page by expediting the procedure.

one page checkout module demo

Social Media-Based Quick Registration

“Social login” is the new login trend, and it significantly increases registrations. The one-page checkout plugin offers Facebook and Google as social login alternatives. The store owner gets more thorough information while saving time. The social login function increases the rate of client conversion.

Customer Checkout

The Guest checkout option is available in this one-page checkout module. Customers won’t have to fill out a time-consuming registration form thanks to this convenient feature. If a customer does not want to sign in, they can complete a guest checkout rather than leaving the basket empty. If the customer has previously registered with the shop, they can go to checkout.

Show Product Details And Update Your Cart

You can alter the cart fields like how you can modify the checkout field. You can specify which cart elements you want customers to see while using One Page Checkout. The admin can hide the voucher entries from the Cart page. For instance, there aren’t many visible fields. Both registered users and guests can put this up in a few simple steps.

one page checkout pro module features

Country Code Recognition And Automatic Address Filling

If the user selects the nation auto-detect tab, their location is automatically known. The administrator can show or hide the feature using the One Step Checkout plugin. This helpful tool can help both clients and administrators. As a result, completing forms is quicker. As soon as the user begins inputting their address information, Google Auto-Address Fill presents address suggestions.

Abandoned Cart

The Abandoned Cart Extension helps you to make up for missed sales by sending your customers standard response messages. The addon locates and keeps track of every abandoned cart in your store. Without any manual effort, it sends follow-up emails automatically. You may undoubtedly persuade your customers to complete their unfinished orders. Additionally, it should be possible to provide a discount on the product update on the left.

Some features of this module are:

The Cart Module Records The Carts Using The Order ID It Received From OpenCart Upon Checkout

An Order id is specific to each order placed using the OpenCart platform at the moment of checkout. This order id is used by the OpenCart Abandoned Cart Module to uniquely identify abandoned carts and catalog them with the cart metadata. The information in the basket contains information on the products, including the product name, quantity, and date of addition. Customers can quickly and easily restore a cart using this information without having to manually enter the goods back in.

The Opencart Abandoned Cart Module Takes Advantage Of The Time Limit Feature To Identify An Abandoned Cart

The OpenCart Abandoned Cart Reminder Extension can identify every single cart, whether it is abandoned or not. In any case, retailers are worried about customers’ abandoned carts that are still in motion. The OpenCart cart reminder module’s back end provides a choice in this regard.

 The administrator can choose the time limit for a cart to remain in the “abandoned” category here. This choice allows an abandoned cart to be recognized from all other carts the module has captured.

Open Cart Abandoned Mails Extension Sent An Email Update With or Without Offers

Therefore, the admin can send email updates using a range of email templates stored in the modules database. We send clients emails with one of two alternative layout kinds. A difference, on the other hand, is an update for particular concepts to entice the customer back.

Spin and Win

Gamification is a tool that Spin and Win Addon uses to assist store owners in growing their email lists and potential customers for their online store. The admin can display the interactive popup to visitors at the entry or exit. The owner has complete control over where the popup appears on the website thanks to the Spin and Win module. The Exit Intent popup plugin successfully guides consumers to the checkout page with several great offers, making the customer experience enjoyable.

The advantages of the Email Subscription pop-up plugin for your online store are as follows:

Increasing Website Traffic

More visitors can be drawn in with a great user interface. Although many other elements influence a visitor’s choice to purchase, the site’s look and feel may persuade them to stay. Any website that is monotonous or uninteresting to look at will deter potential visitors from browsing it.

Improved Client Interaction

As previously mentioned in the post, a better user interface is a simple technique to keep the visitors connected for longer. When all is said and done, a coupon for a discount serves no purpose for the consumers. However, there are incredible ways to obtain similar offers that are advantageous. Another noteworthy aspect is the exit pop-ups’ replacement with the Opencart Subscription popup plugin.

Reduces The Bounce Rate Brought On By Intrusive Pop-ups

The pop-up is useful for a very long period to track visitor exit rates without annoying them. Opencart Exit Intent Pop-Ups are a non-annoying approach to deter users from leaving a website. The nicest feature of this spin and win module is the business owners’ control over how frequently the wheel is visible.

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