How OpenCart One Page Checkout can Boost Holiday Season Sale

According to a study, most of the cart abandonment happens because of slow, complicated, and time-consuming default multi-page checkout. If it is taking too long to load the pages on the checkout process then customers generally choose to leave the website without completing the order. It not only cost the e-merchants sales but also the potential customers from whom they could get business in the future also. Whether it is your eCommerce website or your checkout process, it should be quick and easy to understand if you want more sales and conversions on your online store, especially during the holiday season.

With Knowband’s OpenCart One Page Checkout extension, you can fasten the checkout process for your online customers and get more conversions for your business. The extension replaces the default slow checkout with a quick and clean One Page Checkout and allows your customers to quickly fill in all the required details and complete their orders. With the OpenCart Quick Checkout module, you can easily reduce the chances of abandoned carts and can get more successful orders on your online store which will ultimately increase your overall sales. Let’s take a brief look at some of the major features of the extension.

Key Features of the OpenCart One Page Checkout Pro extension:

1. Easy to Integrate:

The extension is quite easy to install and integrate into your online store without making any modifications to the main code of the website.

2. Supports Google & Facebook Login:

The OpenCart Simplified Checkout module offers social login functionality by which the users can sign in to the online store with Facebook and Google accounts. With the social login option, you save the user to remember multiple credentials.

3. Guest Checkout functionality:

With the OpenCart Fast Checkout extension, you can offer a guest checkout option to the users in which they can place their orders without creating a new account. The guest checkout feature reduces the chances of failed logins and orders as many customers do not like to create a new account in order to place their orders. The extension removes that hurdle and ensures more conversions.

4. Offers Multiple Design Checkout Layouts:

The OpenCart One Page Checkout extension offers 3 different layouts of the One Page Checkout on your online store. The e-merchant can choose from 1-column, 2-columns, 3-columns checkout layouts and can apply them from the back end of the extension. The admin can also rearrange the fields with drag and drop functionality.

5. Easy Customizations of Checkout Fields:

If the e-merchant wants to display or hide any of the checkout fields, then he can easily do it from the back-end of the OpenCart One Page Supercheckout. The store admin can also make the checkout fields mandatory or optional to fill from the customers’ end. The fields can be customized both for registered and non-registered users.

6. Google Auto-address fill:

With the OpenCart One Step Checkout extension, the store owner can also enable the auto-address fill functionality which suggests the users’ addresses as soon as they start typing their addresses. This not only eases their efforts but also helps in saving their time.

7. Multiple Shipping & Payment Methods Support:

The OpenCart One Page Checkout extension provides the users with a variety of choices for choosing shipping and payment methods. It supports nearly all the major shipping and payment methods.

For more details, kindly click on the following links:

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One Page Checkout extension is also available for PrestaShop and Magento platforms.

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