Top Essential Features to Consider in an Optimized Single Page Checkout

If you want to get more completed orders on your eCommerce shop and increase the overall conversion rate then adding an optimized One Page Checkout to your online store is the best option for you.

Unlike Multi-step checkout, One Page Checkout doesn’t require your online customers to go to different pages to fill all the necessary details and place the orders, the users can conveniently complete the whole process from one page and can place their orders.

One Page Checkout not only helps the e-merchants to get more successful orders but also enhances the checkout experience of the online customers and increase the store’s customer retention rate. It accelerates the checkout process and makes it easier and faster for online shoppers to place their orders without any hurdles on your eCommerce store.

In this article, I will be highlighting the top essential features that should be added in the Single Page Checkout to make it faster and easier for the users on your online store.

Before jumping to the list, here is the OpenCart One Page Checkout extension by Knowband which replaces the default multi-step checkout of your eCommerce shop with a quick, simple, and responsive Single Page Checkout and helps you get more conversions. Knowband’s One Page Checkout extension is also available for PrestaShop and Magento platforms.

Essential Features in a One Page Checkout:

1. Guest Checkout:

If you don’t want to lose your sales and potential customers then you must offer Guest checkout functionality on your checkout page. Now the question is why it is important? Most of the online shoppers leave the checkout page just because they are forced to create a new account while placing their orders.

Offering a Guest checkout option will allow them to place their orders as guests and will save them from creating a new separate account.

With the Knowband’s OpenCart Fast Checkout extension, you can allow your customers to place as guest customers from the checkout page along with registration and login options.

2. Auto-address Fill feature:

If you make the checkout process easier and faster for the users then not only they will be satisfied with your service but also they will come back to your store whenever they want to purchase products again. Offering auto-address fill help them fill the address bar without typing the whole address.

The OpenCart One Page Checkout extension displays the online shoppers’ address suggestions as soon as they type their address. They can select their address and the whole address bar will be filled without typing manually.

3. Display Errors with Inline Validation:

Most of the time, the customers miss to fill a mandatory field and try to place their orders. If you don’t display the errors they are making while placing their orders then they will be tired of checkout by themselves and will ultimately leave the checkout page.

With the Inline Validation, you need to point out the errors they are making while filling in their details and help them to remind them to fill the mandatory fields.

Knowband’s OpenCart One Page Checkout Pro extension offers this feature and reminds the customers every time they miss to fill any mandatory field on the checkout page.

4. Social Login:

By offering social login option, you can make the login process easier and more secure for the customers. Almost half of the customers like to login with social accounts as it is easier, faster, and more reliable than creating a new account on a new eCommerce website.

With the OpenCart One Step Checkout extension extension, you can offer login with Facebook, Google, and Paypal to your customers and can make their login process faster and easier.

5. Mobile Responsive:

It is a known fact that mobile users are increasing rapidly in the eCommerce market. If your checkout page is not mobile responsive then you are missing a lot of sales and revenue on your eCommerce store.

Knowband’s OpenCart Single Page Checkout extension is desktop, mobile, and tablet responsive and allows your customers to place their orders easily and conveniently via any device.

6. Offer Multiple Payment Options:

Most of the shopping carts get abandoned due to a lack of enough payment options on the checkout page. With the Knowband’s OpenCart One Page Checkout extension, you can add multiple payment and shipping methods and can let the customers choose from a variety of options.

By offering various payment options, the customers can select their preferred option and will feel more secure while paying for their orders.

You can check the admin demo, front demo, and the User Manual of the extension to know more about the extension.

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