One Additional benefit of OpenCart One Page Checkout owners must know

One-page checkout is increasing day by day in every e-commerce industry. Furthermore, having a complex and multi-step checkout process could lose the customer’s interest in purchasing. Moreover, the lengthy and complex checkout process of the website is one of the reasons due to which 70% of customer abandons happens. the multi-step checkout process is also one of the reasons behind it. Therefore, OpenCart One Page Advanced Checkout Extension is recommended to store merchants. 

One Page Super Checkout (One Page Checkout, Quick Checkout)

There are various incredible features of OpenCart quick checkout extension such as checkout field customization, which allows admin to customize the look and feel of the checkout page. This extension even allows organizing the checkout fields using the drag and drop option. However, there is one additional benefit of the OpenCart One Page Checkout that makes it a reason to use, i.e. Guest checkout.

An additional benefit of OpenCart simplified checkout module.

OpenCart simplified checkout module offers Guest checkout-

Not every customer likes to create a new account on new websites. Hence they look for a guest checkout feature. The guest checkout feature permit clients to buy without creating a new store account or logging into it, as a result, brands do not retain any client information entered during the checkout process. 

Opencart’s one-page checkout extension offers a Guest checkout feature especially for those website visitors who do not want to get registered or find signing up a task tedious. Furthermore, this Guest Checkout feature allows visitors to check out easily. 

Along with easy login, this feature boosts conversions. Many people hesitate to share their data with websites, as a result, they prefer not to purchase. Hence, the OpenCart One Page Checkout extension helps to enable the ‘Register Guests Automatically’. Moreover, this functionality allows register guest customers. 


Nowadays online organizations are enduring a ton of trouble in getting internet business customers to go through the checkout process. Further, this is staggeringly disappointing to e-Commerce website owners who are willing to make the checkout process less difficult. This increases sales. Hence, the best alternative to do this is through a simple checkout measure. One-page checkout is, thusly, enthusiastically prescribed to permit online-based business customers to look at it in a brief timeframe.

With the assistance of Opencart One Page Checkout Pro diminishes the shopping cart abandonment. Furthermore, OpenCart fast checkout extension is a quicker, more intelligent, and better checkout page that replaces default checkout with its high-level highlights. Moreover, the extension decreases the time expected to checkout. At the point when clients view their online business experience will get finished on a single page, they are bound to wrap up the exchange. Hence, OpenCart One Page Advanced Checkout Extension is a reason to use it.

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