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Checkout pages go about as lead generators, as they help users in their dynamic interaction. In the event that your Opencart store has a confusing, multi-step, moderate loading checkout page, you are certainly going to lose visitors. On the contrary, if you have a perfect, focused, engaging, and single page checkout, you will draw in users. eCommerce checkout pages ought to remember the prerequisite, comfort, and simplicity of customers. Therefore, an OpenCart One Page Checkout is short, basic, and amasses everything in one.

Knowband features an OpenCart quick checkout extension that helps you increase sales and reduce the abandoned cart rate. If you can’t make upgrades for the checkout usefulness, it makes sure to hugely affect your conversion rates and sales. To decrease the expanding abandoned carts, various website advertisers are putting their cash behind the OpenCart One Page Checkout module.

This blog talks about the perks of having an OpenCart simplified checkout module for your eCommerce store.

Advantages of OpenCart fast checkout extension

Quick and Simple to Understand

One Page Checkout is straightforward and therefore it converts users faster. It gives preferable visibility and faster loading over a multi page checkout. With fewer advances being included, customers settle on a quick choice to push forward with the purchase as the interaction gets basic and quick to understand. With the OpenCart One Page Checkout module, the user can see the whole information on a single page instead of multi step checkout where he/she needs to hop starting with one stage then onto the next. This saves time as well as gives users a satisfying shopping experience.

Simpler Navigation

Visitors love smooth and easy-to-understand navigation. Customers also find it good. Easy navigation means landing on the right page and the right spot without hunting too much. Talking about the checkout page means filling in the details, making the payment, choosing the shipping method with ease. With the help of the OpenCart One Page Advanced Checkout Extension, the store admin can easily provide smooth navigation to their visitors while they’re purchasing what they want by laying everything on a single page, subsequently giving customers fewer motivations to tap the “exit” button.


With every one of the fields being updated consequently on a single page, the interaction turns out to be more innovative and personalize dependent on user decisions.

Expanded number of conversions

One Page Checkout for OpenCart welcomes countless visitors to complete the purchase interaction with such spotless, simple navigation, fast and quick checkout, subsequently prompting most extreme conversions. Some of you might call it ‘impulse buying’ – thanks to the speedy buying process while others can say that the smooth working of the OpenCart One Page Checkout is what helps the visitors convert without wasting much time.

Improves Customer Satisfaction

OpenCart One Page Advanced Checkout Extension gives the customers convenience and quick help while shopping online. Furthermore, this prompts increment customer satisfaction and steadfastness for your eCommerce business. When you as a store owner provide a checkout that doesn’t irritate the shoppers, they convert. In addition, are able to complete the process within minutes, it is customer satisfaction. The OpenCart quick checkout extension provides some stunning features. For instance, guest checkout, multiple payment and shipping options, social login, and much more.


From the post, you can without much of a stretch make out how having OpenCart One Page Checkout on your store drives visitors. In addition, it builds conversions, amplifies user engagement, and rouses customers to purchase from you. It expands revenue as well as builds conversions on your store prompting better brand openness and mindfulness. The OpenCart extension features a popular checkout design.

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