OpenCart One Page Checkout Pro extension – Perfect Mobile Responsive Checkout extension

Mobile users have been increasing rapidly for the last 5 years and if your eCommerce store is not mobile-friendly then you are losing a lot of sales and revenue on your online shop. According to a study, more than 50% of the users place their orders using their mobile device. Knowband offers OpenCart One Page Checkout extension which replaces the default OpenCart checkout with a quicker, easier, and mobile responsive One Page Checkout and provides the customers an amazing checkout experience.

The extension simplifies your store’s checkout process and makes it faster and easier for online shoppers. With the OpenCart Quick Checkout module, your customers can easily complete the checkout process and place their orders with their mobile devices.

Unlike the multi-page checkout, the users don’t need to load multiple pages and fill in the details, they can easily fill and complete all the checkout steps from a single page. It not only enhances their checkout experience but also helps to get more successful orders on your online store as compared to multi-step checkout.

The OpenCart Simplified Checkout module helps to improve your store’s conversion rate and reduces the chances of lost shopping carts. It offers various advanced features like guest checkout, social login, auto-address fill, etc that make the process easier and reduces customers’ efforts while completing the process. Let’s take a brief look at all the major features the extension offers.

Key Highlights of the OpenCart Fast Checkout extension:

1. Easy login with Social Login options:

With the OpenCart One Page Checkout extension, the store owner can allow the users to register themselves or login to their accounts from the checkout page.

The admin can also let the users to login with the most popular social networks including Facebook, Google, and Paypal. With this feature, the customers can easily log in to the website within a few clicks.

2. Guest Checkout option:

The OpenCart One Page Checkout Pro offers a Guest checkout option that saves the customers from creating a new account to place their orders. Many customers don’t like sharing their personal details on a new eCommerce website.

So, offering them a Guest checkout option is a great idea to let them place their orders without creating a new separate account.

3. Google Auto-address Fill option:

The OpenCart One Page Supercheckout offers Google Auto-address fill feature which reduces the manual efforts of the users and lets them choose their address from the suggestions as soon as they start typing it.

With this feature, the customers can easily fill the address bar by selecting their complete address from the auto-fill suggestion.

4. Easy Customizations of Checkout Fields:

The fields on the checkout page can be customized and managed from the back-end of the Knowband’s OpenCart One Step Checkout extension.

With the plugin, the store admin can make the fields compulsory or optional and can show or hide any of the fields. The position of the fields can also be re-arranged with the drag and drop feature.

5. Multiple Checkout Layout options:

The layout of the checkout page can be easily customized according to the preferences of the store admin from the back-end of the OpenCart Responsive One Step Checkout module.

There are 3 different checkout design layouts available for the checkout page i.e., 1-column, 2-columns, 3-columns layout. The admin can choose any of the layouts and can apply them. The fields on the checkout layout can be re-arranged with drag and drop functionality.

6. Compatible with Multiple Payment Methods:

Knowband’s OpenCart Single Page Checkout is fully compatible with nearly all the major payment and shipping methods by which the online retailers can offer multiple shipping and payment options to the customers to choose from.

This will help the users to choose their preferred payment and shipping methods while placing their orders.

7. Klaviyo, SendinBlue, MailChimp Integrations:

With the Knowband’s OpenCart One Page Checkout extension, the online retailer can integrate his Klaviyo, SendinBlue, and MailChimp accounts to the extension.

After integrating these accounts, the store owner can automatically sync all the collected data of the users from the checkout page to these accounts.

To know more about the OpenCart One Page Checkout extension, kindly check the User Manual and the Admin and Front demo of the extension. One Page Checkout is also available for PrestaShop and Magento platforms.

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