Top Advantages of Using OpenCart One Page Checkout Extension in Ecommerce

If you own an eCommerce store and getting too many lost carts on your online store then you can consider replacing your default multi-page checkout with One Page Checkout. But why One Page Checkout? What are the benefits you will get after switching to One Page Checkout? Well, you will get all the answers in this article.

Knowband offers OpenCart One Page Checkout extension which replaces the default OpenCart multi-page checkout of your online store with a responsive, quick, and user-friendly Single Page Checkout which not only optimizes the checkout process but also helps you get more conversions.

The OpenCart Quick Checkout module offers various advanced and useful features that make the checkout process easier and quicker for online customers. They can not only fill in the details quickly but also review them to avoid any mistakes. The extension is highly recommended if you want to improve the conversion rate of your online store and reduce the chances of shopping cart abandonment.

Let’s discuss the top advantages of the OpenCart Single Page Checkout extension that will help you understand the value of the extension better.

Advantages of using OpenCart One Page Checkout Pro:

1. Enhances Checkout Process: The extension enhances the whole checkout process and makes it easier for the customers to quickly complete the process and place their orders. Unlike multi-page checkout, the users don’t need to go to multiple pages and fill in the details just to place an order.

Knowband’s OpenCart Simplified Checkout module makes it quicker with advanced features like auto-address fill, social login options, guest checkout option, etc.

2. Saves Customers’ Time: With the OpenCart Fast Checkout extension, your customers can fill in all the details and steps from a single page. They don’t need to visit too many pages to complete the process. The extension reduces the manual efforts of the customers with features like auto-address fill and provides them a better online shopping experience.

3. No More Abandoned Carts: With the OpenCart One Page Checkout extension, the store owner can easily minimize the shopping cart abandonment rate on the online store by replacing the default time-consuming multi-page checkout with quicker and easier One Page Checkout.

Knowband’s OpenCart One Page Supercheckout comforts the customers and allows them to conveniently fill in all the details and place their orders. The users just have to load a single page and fill in the details, they don’t get distracted and chances of cart abandonment are very less as they have to load and fill details from just one page.

4. Increases Conversion Rate: When it comes to conversions, we always want more. But we don’t think of optimizing the checkout process or enhancing the shopping experience of the customers which will ultimately help in improving the conversion rate.

Knowband’s OpenCart One Step Checkout extension provides your customers an amazing checkout experience and helps them quickly and easily place their orders which increases the successful orders rate on your online store. 

5. Improves Customer Retention Rate: The OpenCart One Page Checkout extension helps to increase the customer retention rate on your online store. When they complete their orders more quickly and easily, they feel happy and satisfied and are more likely to come back to your online store in the future.

Simple, fast, and responsive One Page Checkout always leads to more conversions and fewer abandoned carts. With Knowband’s OpenCart One Page Checkout extension, you can enhance the shopping experience of your online buyers and can effortlessly increase the overall conversion rate of your online store.

You can know more about the extension from the User Manual and can watch the video for a better understanding of the OpenCart One Page Checkout.

Single Page Checkout extension is also available for PrestaShop and Magento platforms. You can also check your other modules to increase the conversion rate. One such module is the Mobile app builder by Knowband. The mobile app can save users both effort and time in shopping online.

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