Create multi-lingual compatible store with Opencart alike product module

The Internet has made the world we live in more modest than at any other time. It’s changed how we work together, how we learn, governmental issues, and surprisingly how we connect with our friends and family. 

For one, the Internet implies our businesses are no longer restricted by physical location. Furthermore, we can promote our items and businesses to virtually anyone in the world regardless of their location.

That is the reason it makes complete sense for retailers to create eCommerce websites, considerably more so today with conventional physical stores shutting because of COVID-19. However, one way to improve user experience is by ensuring that your store is multi-lingual. A multi-lingual store connects users with eCommerce stores and shops easily. In other words, it reaches to wider customer base. Furthermore, multilingual websites enhance customer experience. 

So if you want to make your website multi-lingual and reach a worldwide audience, OpenCart Automatic Related Product extension is the right extension for you. 

Opencart alike product module

Opencart alike product module helps store merchants to reach wider customers to increase their cart value. Further, this module permit store admin to cross-sell items that leads to better sales and user experience.

OpenCart related products module allows the store admin to display products according to their choice on different website pages. Including homepage, product page, category pages, etc. Moreover, using OpenCart Automatic Related Product extension, e-merchant can set the position to display the related products block.

Features of Opencart alike product module

1. Display relevant products

With the help of OpenCart alike product module, store admin can display the relevant products on the various pages of the website. For instance, Home Page, Product Page, Category Page, Cart Page, Manufacturer Page, etc. 

2. Effortlessly hide out-of-stock products 

OpenCart Automatic Related Product extension helps store admin to effortlessly hide the out-of-stock products. Store admin can display only the in-stock products on the front end. Using this plugin, the admin can disable the out-of-stock products from showing on the front-end.

3. Display different categories

From displaying specific products to best sellers, store admin can display anything. Along with bestsellers, an online merchant can display new arrivals or even use the user history for showing the related products. Furthermore, the OpenCart advance related product extension offers the opportunity to show different categories in the related products block to the admin.

4. Set the maximum number of related product

The admin can easily set the maximum number of the related product to be shown on the different pages using OpenCart advance related product extension. Further, the admin can easily fix the number from the back-end of the module.

5. Set method priority

This OpenCart extension permit store merchants to set the method priority to display the related products.

How to make a multi-lingual store with Opencart alike product module?

Creating a multi-lingual store with OpenCart related products module is easy. All you need to do is install the plugin on your eCommerce store.

Installation Guide

  • Purchasing the Knowband OpenCart related products plugin is the first step before installing. Admin will receive the following files on registered email after purchasing. 
  • Zipped file- Include the source code of this Automatic Related Product extension.
  • User manual 

Steps to install Opencart alike product module

  • Store admin needs to unzip the zipped file. Zipped files include files and folders and then paste them into the “Modules” folder of the store’s directory. Store admin can follow the path – Root Directory/modules/. 
  • Store admin needs to click on extensions in the left side menu in the admin panel. Lastly, click on Installer (Home->extension).
  • Once the OCMOD file is uploaded, the module is 
  • After uploading the OCMOD file OpenCart product cross-selling module will be ready to use. The store owner can install the module. As an eCommerce store merchant, the admin can find that in Extensions. 


From increasing customer’s cart value to displaying products depending on the different conditions, using OpenCart related products module admin can do anything. OpenCart related products module increases user engagement and improves user experience in their stores. Hence, OpenCart related products module is a must-have.

Why Knowband?

Knowband is known for giving the best modules and modules for your eCommerce stages. Further, it has long stretches of involvement working with eCommerce sites. Additionally, it gives the best modules to stages like Magento, Prestashop, Opencart, and Shopify. Alongside this, it offers custom module advancement just as customization administrations for your site and modules.

Other than offering plugins and modules, it offers effective post-sales support to customers. Knowband’s experts attempt to resolve each query. Therefore, you may write them at [email protected].

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