Benefits for Online Stores of Using the Opencart Automatic Related Product Extension

The Opencart Automatic Related Products Extension allows related products to be displayed on the online store. Moreover, this Knowband Opencart plugin allows related items to be displayed on various product pages. Also, the use of this extension allows customers to browse related products and purchase them. Further, the Opencart related product presents the item that goes with the current product in accordance with the customer’s selections. Also, this Knowband Opencart Automatic Related Product module is one of the most popular extensions for Opencart.

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The module should assist customers in making the best product selection. Online shoppers and the admin both benefit from the Opencart Automatic Related Products Extension. Further, the Identical Product Plugin gives admin the ability to raise customers’ average cart values by displaying comparable products on website. Moreover, the store owner has complete control over the number, rating, and order of products displayed as related products. The cross-selling extension for Opencart works well and is compatible with multiple stores.

OpenCart - OpenCart Automatic Related Products

An online store’s administrator can provide customers with a variety of suggestions, which helps to streamline their shopping experience. Also, the store owner of an eCommerce company sees suggestions for products and categories. Opencart’s Automatic Related Product module is totally customizable, and mobile responsive.

The following are the characteristics of Opencart’s Automatic Related Product Extension:

  1. Switching on and off the extension: The extension is turned on or off from the front shop using the features of this module from the backend.
Opencart Automatic Related Product
  1. Products that are out of stock: This OpenCart cross-selling extension has a function that allows admin users to hide products that are out of supply.
  2. Display on multiple pages: By utilizing this module’s characteristics, the store owner is able to use various pages to display the related product module block. Also, on the home, item, cart, order confirmation, category, and manufacturer pages, the administrator displays the Opencart Automatic Related Products block.
Opencart Automatic Related Product

4. Related product block placement:

This add-on has a feature that allows the shop admin to move the module to different places on the page. The module is found at the top, bottom, left, or right of the pages. Further, location depends on how the business owner has set up things.

  1. Block title for the module: The admin can alter the block title for the module using the Opencart Automatic Related Product extension’s functionality. Also, the store owner enables or disable the title using the functionality of this module.
  2. Total number of displayed products: This extension includes a functionality that lets the admin user select how many products are displayed overall.
  3. Requirements for product display: The store owner utilizes Opencart’s cross-selling product module features to specify the various requirements for product display. Accessible selection criteria include top-selling items, fresh releases, user usage trends, and specific products.
Opencart Automatic Related Product
  1. Filter configuration: This module offers a filter feature for particular site pages. In this identical products extension, the store owner selects keywords and attributes to set filters for particular pages.
Opencart Automatic Related Product
  1. Choice of a certain product: The admin user utilizes the extension’s capability to look for and choose specific products.
  2. Mobile responsive: The cross-selling product extension for Opencart is mobile responsive, allowing shoppers to view similar items while on the go.
  3. Wide language and store support: This product extension works with a wide range of stores and languages.

Benefits of Opencart Automatic Affiliate Products

  1. The shop owner increases the average basket value by putting things on display that are pertinent to the clients. Using this Opencart cross-selling product module, the store admin reduces the bounce rate.
  2. The admin selects maximum number of items displaying in the module block using the Opencart Automatic Related Product extension.
  3. The store owner of the online business boosts sales by highlighting the items that customers prefer to buy.
  4. By presenting recent additions as related products in Opencart module for identical goods, the store owner promotes new arrivals..

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