Why investing in OpenCart auto switch language is a smart solution?

There are times when customers cannot purchase products from your website, due to language and currency barriers. Further, the eCommerce store admin can execute Automatic language and money converter using OpenCart Auto change language and currency module that naturally changes the default language and currency of the store.

Knowband offers this OpenCart auto switch language and currency to execute auto exchanging language and cash functionality. Knowband is an eCommerce organization that designs modules for different platforms such as OpenCart, Prestashop, etc.

This extension provides information to the users in the preferred language that leads to an increase in the customer retention rate and a decrease in the bounce rate. Further, OpenCart auto switch language converts the language of eCommerce stores based on buyer’s geolocation. This plugin even fetches the IP address to convert the language. As a result, the client needs not to change the language manually.

OpenCart Auto change language and currency  

Knowband OpenCart Auto change language and currency extension is a feature-rich module that changes the language as well as the money as per the requirement of the customer’s country details. 

The OpenCart auto switch language extension permits changing language and currency according to nations. The OpenCart auto switches language and currency changes over the language and money simultaneously when the client opens the website. Thusly, the online clients can see the store details as well as currency data in their desired language and currency.

Merchant benefits Offered By OpenCart auto switch language and currency

Knowband’s OpenCart language and currency switcher plugin offers various benefits to store merchants, listed below:

  • The store owner can implement this OpenCart auto switch language and currency to implement the auto-switching language and currency functionality. Further, the store admin can set language and currency for different countries.
  • To set a common language and currency for all the countries, the store admin can install the OpenCart Auto convert language module. This is the one-time process of language as well as currency set.
  • OpenCart language and currency switcher offers a better shopping experience to customers. Moreover, this offers store details in the customer’s preferred language and currency.
  • Moreover, merchants can increase the functionality of the store and conversion rate as well. OpenCart language and currency switcher allows the store admin to offer products worldwide without language and currency hurdle.

Customer Benefits Offered By OpenCart Auto change language and currency 

  • Using this module, customers can view store details in their own language. This will compel them to purchase specific products instantly. OpenCart language and currency switcher allows users to view prize details in their preferred currency type. 
  • Using this extension, clients can shop easily.


Investing in OpenCart Auto change language and currency is highly beneficial for your eCommerce store. This module switches the language as well as the currency of the store as per clients’ geolocation. Moreover, this OpenCart language and currency switcher module utilize the client’s customer’s IP address to fetch country and region details. Also, using this extension Opencart merchants can set both language and currency for different countries. The most important feature of the extension is it is SSL compatible and even offers theme compatibility. Further, OpenCart auto switch language and currency is both- multi-lingual and multi-store compatible. Therefore, Knowband OpenCart Auto change language and currency is a great extension for e-commerce platforms.

Why Knowband?

Knowband provide best in class plugins to e-commerce store owners. Further, Knowband provide best-in-class development services along with efficient post-sales support therefore, owners can ask any query regarding modules. Knowband experienced and efficient developers develop marketplace extensions, online stores, mobile eCommerce applications and other.

Store merchants can write email at [email protected].

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