Features of OpenCart Loyalty points and discount extension you must know

OpenCart Loyalty points and discount extension is extremely important for e-commerce websites due to several reasons. Before heading towards benefits, understanding the basics is important.

Have you realized that expanding your client standard for dependability by 5% lifts your benefits by as much as 95%? Be that as it may, unreasonably frequently, organizations decide to zero in on drawing in new customers – not taking care of existing ones. Justifiably, you need to develop your client base. All things considered, one solution is to make a client loyalty program that compensates those customers who return. OpenCart Loyalty points and Discount Extension can without much of a stretch tackle this issue.

OpenCart Loyalty points and discount extension

Loyalty points, the reward-based points awarded to the clients after satisfying a few conditions on your online store. Furthermore, these conditions can be anything like a specific product, minimum cart value, category, etc. Furthermore, the points collected by the client can be changed into discounts that can be utilized by the client to diminish some amount of the cart.

The extension include incredible features, mentioned below:

OpenCart Loyalty points and discount extension Features:

  • This OpenCart customer loyalty system offers loyalty points for various activities. For instance, new order, sign up, first order, etc.
  • The loyalty points module for OpenCart permits store merchants to set different rules from the backend to offer loyalty points. Including cart amount, the number of items in the cart, etc.
  • Using these points as a discount coupon on checkout, earned reward points can be redeemed on the next shopping.
  • OpenCart Loyalty points and discount extension permit store admin to set the order status when the client gets loyalty points. Furthermore, the Opencart Loyalty Reward Points extension permit e-merchants to set the expiry dates of the earned reward points. This leads to a sense of urgency among the customers.
  • With the assistance of Opencart Loyalty Points & Discount extension, the store admin can send the email notification to the clients once they earn the reward points. Further, the extension permit admin to check the customer’s loyalty points balance in the backend of the module.
  • The templates can be edit accordingly by store merchants using this Opencart Loyalty Points extension. Also, the admin can track the history of the loyalty points of clients using the Opencart Reward Points extension.


A loyalty points program is a marketing strategy designed to urge clients to continue shopping or utilize the services of a business related to the program. Furthermore, utilized to draw in the client in making more and more shopping choices on web store by giving them ever-increasing points so the client has increasingly more interest in purchasing more things from the store.

Knowband’s OpenCart Loyalty Points extension simplifies the process of creating a loyalty point program which is a very difficult task. Moreover, the OpenCart Loyalty Points module allows the store admin to create various types of conditions when the client satisfies any of these conditions. OpenCart Loyalty Points module also keep the track of the loyalty points rewarded.

Regardless of the platform used by store merchants, you may drop a mail to Knowband experts at [email protected].

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