How does the customer reward system work?

Creating a loyalty point program can be a complex task; however, Knowband’s customer reward system makes this procedure much easier for you. Furthermore, this customer reward system allows the admin to specify several types of conditions. The customer rewarded with loyalty points by the merchant automatically once the client meets the circumstances. Moreover, with the assistance of loyalty point extension, you can keep track of the points that have been awarded.

customer reward system

What is a Loyalty points program?

A loyalty points program is a marketing strategy that encourages customers to continue shopping or using the services of a participating firm. Further, utilized to entice customers to make more and more purchases from the online stores by rewarding them with more points. As a result, the customer’s interest in purchasing more things from the store grows.

customer reward system

Customers rewarded with loyalty points once customers meet certain criteria. These conditions might be anything from a single product to a minimum cart value to a specific category. The customer’s points converted into discounts and used by the customer. This reduces the amount of money in their cart.

How does the customer reward system work?

  • The functionality of OpenCart Loyalty points and discount extension is explained by the points.
  • In the loyalty point rules tab, the Admin must first define rules.
  • The administrator must also add conditions to the rules type he or she is generating.
  • According to rules customers are offered points once they meet the conditions.
  • When a customer accumulates enough points, they can redeem them for savings on their next purchase.
  • Once consumer adds points to their cart and places an order, points are deducted immediately.
customer reward system

How beneficial is a customer reward system to customers?

  • Customers can earn rewards points by performing various actions on the website. Actions include ordering, signing up, or placing their first order.
  • Furthermore, customers can use the points earned as a discount coupon on their next purchase with the Opencart Loyalty Point & Discount System plugin.
  • When a customer purchases more things from the business, the Opencart Reward Point extension allows them to earn more reward points.
  • The customer receives an email notification of the status of their reward points.
customer reward system

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