What is OpenCart Gift the product Extension? How to Install it?

Customer is king in online business and keeping customers happy is the store owners responsibility. There are several ways of keeping clients happy. Some of them are offering discounts. free shipping, providing seamless checkout option, etc. 

But when it’s about finding a suitable method for store merchants to reward their clients, Opencart gift the product extension is the right alternative. 

Opencart gift the product extension

The ultimate way of providing free gift items to customers once they purchase a defined cart amount is the Opencart promotion gift. Furthermore, this extension is the best way to offer a rich shopping experience to the customers. Opencart reward gift allows the store admin to pick the layout from the admin they want to display on the front end. Opencart gift module keeps customers engaged and attracts them to purchase from your store.

Features of Opencart gift the product extension –

  • Using the module, the store admin can select from different layouts to showcase the gifts at the front end to the clients. Further, store merchants can manage the range of products which store merchant want to show their clients. 
  • Opencart reward gift permits store merchants to increase the average order value by providing the free gift at a defined cart amount.
  • Opencart gift product is mobile responsive. This leads to a better shopping experience for clients using mobile phones to use merchants eCommerce stores.  
  • Multi-store compatible and supports multilingual stores.

Opencart gift the product extension provides great benefits to store merchants and customers as well.

Benefits of Opencart Gift Module for Admin And Customers

  • Opencart promotion gift allows the store admin to increase the average order value by providing free gift items at a specific cart amount. Furthermore, the admin can increase customer engagement using the module. Clients might get interested in receiving a free gift item on their order.
  • Opencart gift module allows store merchant to set different price rules to provide different free gifts at various cart values.
  • Select layout accordingly from provided options to display the best look as well as a feel for the website front end.
  • Further, clients can pick the free gift of accordingly after they reach the eligible cart value to get free gift. Further, clients can purchase more items to receive the free gift item of their choice on their order.

Opencart product purchase reward is easy to install and configure.

Opencart gift the product extension Installation Steps

OpenCart-Gift-The-Product-extension-Installation.png (686×104)

Merchants need to purchase the OpenCart Gift The Product extension before starting the installation process. Merchants can purchase either from the Knowband store or from the OpenCart Marketplace. Once the Opencart reward gift is purchased, the mail notification is sent containing the following files on registered email.

  • Source code in zipped file format.
  • User Manual of the extension

Installation Process:

  1. Merchants need to unzip the zip file. You will receive the following folders as shown in the image below:
  2. Copy all the folders of the zip file in the Root Directory of OpenCart setup through FTP manager.

Why Opencart gift the product extension?

 Knowband’s OpenCart Gift The Product extension is one of the best options for the merchant to drive clients to their store and make them shop. Therefore, we recommend this plugin.


The Opencart gift product is packed with great benefits. Is there an opportunity to not add a module in your store which can reduce cart abandonment, increase client engagement and increase your average cart value simultaneously? Definitely no.

At the point when we talk about the purchasing of the module, Knowband offers the Opencart product purchase reward at an entirely sensible rate. Knowband is a leading organization in the eCommerce development and services field. Further, it offers the Opencart gift module that is developed by a team of highly skilled OpenCart developers. So what’s stopping you? Purchase this astonishing OpenCart gift module and mark the success of your Opencart store.

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Store Demo

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