Opencart Spin and Win Extension for Online Websites

Knowband has created an Opencart Spin and Win Extension for all Opencart business owners. It is also known as the Opencart Interactive pop-up Extension. The Opencart shop has a dynamic and game-like interface thanks to its Opencart Interactive pop-up Extension. This also enables store visitors to take part in the Spin and Win game. Additionally, users have the chance to win fantastic discounts and promo codes for future purchases.

We’ll look at a lot of topics in this blog that can assist you with the Opencart subscription pop-up Extension. For instance, we shall discuss how the module functions. Talk further about the adjustable features that might help you customize the extension for your company.

Opencart Spin and Win Extension for Online Websites

How to boost customer engagement and revenue with the Knowband Opencart Interactive pop-up Extension. As a result, this blog discusses the characteristics and methods that are beneficial to your company’s profits. Let’s look at them below in more detail.

The user interface looks good

The Email Subscription Pop-up Extension enhances the website’s front end with a spinner game. Additionally, the gamified popup makes the user interface look better. Consequently, it may attract new users to the website.

The shop manager can choose from a range of themes with ease. Additionally, you can alter the Opencart Spin and Win Extension wheel and their designs.

You can change the color scheme of the wheel to match the UI of the website from the back end of the Opencart Spin and Win pop-up.

Opencart Spin and Win Extension for Online Websites

There is a decreased exit rate

The exit popup for Opencart can be beneficial. Visually appealing, the Opencart Email Subscription Pop-up Extension is compelling. Visitors may therefore consider leaving the website. The Spin Wheel Extension improves user engagement and decreases bounce rates, which raises the possibility of conversions.

Email promotion

OpenCart Spin and Win Extension solicit users’ email addresses without troubling them. The OpenCart subscription popup includes an integrated email integration. Customer data is in sync with the marketing tool using the Opencart Subscription Popup Extension. This makes it easyfor the store admin to advertise.

Opencart Spin and Win Extension for Online Websites

The Slice Presets

The first thing to make sure of is to select the number of slices based on the demands of the company. The admin has a choice between 6 slices, 8 slices, and 12 slices when using the Knowband Prestashop Responsive pop-up plugin. So, depending on how many discounts, coupons, or rewards you want to give out, you can choose any of them.

Every component of the spin wheel is variable and the admin can change it. He can offer different discounts on every slice. The discount, for instance, could have a predetermined or minimal value. In addition, there may be a slice having the text “Better Luck Next Time,” among all. Each slice discount may have an expiration date.


When customers use the OpenCart Spin and Win Extension, they feel as though they are receiving a good bargain. Therefore, even the smallest reduction is very much praised. Now that you are aware of how the Opencart Exit Pop-up Extension by Knowband benefits your marketing plan, let’s move on to the following section.

What does the OpenCart Spin and Win Extension provide customers?

Customers enjoy making purchases while playing spin the wheel. The wheel is not at all obtrusive, in contrast to the standard subscription popup. Promo codes are sent to customers via email by the Opencart subscription pop-up Extension administrator. Any item on the website is purchased using the vouchers.

Opencart Spin and Win Extension for Online Websites


The procedure of acquiring subscribers for your eCommerce company may appear to be simple. This is not the case, though. The Subscription pop-up Extension can be helpful for businesses to increase their consumer base. The way the Email Subscription pop-up Extension functions is extremely simple. The buyer presses the button after entering his or her email address in the pop-up. The fascinating feature then shows up. The Opencart Spin and Win Extension are used to spin the wheel. The customer also receives a discount coupon with a deadline.

Kindly contact us at [email protected] if you have any concerns or queries related to the module. We will also assist you with the customizations or upgrades needed for your business.

The OpenCart Exit Popup Module offers the administrator a wide variety of options, including device adaptation. Promo vouchers can be mailed to customers by administrators using the OpenCart Spin and Win Module.

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