Control Cart Abandonment Using OpenCart zipcode extension on store

Shopping gets incredible fun in the event that goes smooth and continuous. Imagine a scenario where the client arrives at the checkout page and tracks down that the item is inaccessible in their area. All things considered, that is where the client feels disappointed, surrendering their cart and leaving from the store. How to control cart abandonment on the eCommerce store? What are the convincing reasons making potential clients drop their list of things to get items in the cart?

The vast majority of the sites for the most part don’t have the item/administration accessibility to keep an eye on their product pages. As a result, clients stay befuddled in the item accessibility in their particular area further leaving the cart during checkout.

OpenCart zipcode extension requests that the guest mention their postal zip code prior to planing the acquisition of a thing. In the event that the item is accessible at the given postal district by the client, the Product Zipcode Validator Module shows a triumph message alongside the expected conveyance date on the front end. Further, this OpenCart Product Zipcode Validator assists with controlling the cart abandonment rates. Thus, upgrades the client experience on the store.

Features of OpenCart zipcode extension

1. OpenCart Product Availability Check by Zipcode Extension shows an accessibility checkbox on the item pages where the clients can mention the postal zipcode. This way they can check the delivery accessibility of the item in that specific area.

2. OpenCart Product Postal Code Validator extension permits the admin to make limitless worldwide zones and guide as many postal districts under those particular zones.

3. Using OpenCart Product Zipcode Validator, the admin can undoubtedly plan zones with postal divisions by transferring CSV files.

4. Using this extension, admin can plan desired products with the worldwide zones. On the other hand, they can transfer CSV files directly for bulk upload.

5. OpenCart Product Postal Code Validator gives an alternative to restrict or exclude each of the items for which the transportation or conveyance is inaccessible.

7. Product zipcode validator only shows the Add to Cart button on the frontend if the conveyance for an entered postal district is accessible for the client.

9. Moreover, the complete functionality of the extension can be enabled as well as disabled accordingly from the admin panel.

10. Furthermore, for installing or configuring the plugin, store admin requires zero technical knowledge. Also, the existing global zones and zip code can be enabled, disabled or deleted accordingly.

11. Product-Zone Mapping can be modified and edit by store admin from admin panel of OpenCart Product Postal Code Validator extension.

11. The plugin is multi-store compatible as well.

Benefits of OpenCart zipcode extension to Admin

1. By showing the product availability check result for the client’s location, the plugin can reduce the number of abandoned carts.

2. Opencart Product Availability Check by Zipcode Extension offers the adaptability to add zip codes according to city and state both- manually or bulk upload zip codes using CSV files.

3. The module will work for selected items chosen by the admin. Furthermore, for different products, the client can checkout immediately.

4. Furthermore, the product availability check block added using Opencart Product Postal Code Validator Module improves the website’s user interface. This leads to better UX of the online ecommerce website.

OpenCart Product Availability Module Benefits to Customers

1. Using this module, clients registered or non-registered smoothly check for product availability in their zones as well as a postal address.

2. Furthermore, when the product is available in their mentioned zip code checkout process can be done. Otherwise, they will receive an error message on the product page.

3. Moreover, this plugin helps in reducing the frustration of the client. Also, it saves their shopping time and know whether the carrier is available to them or not before the checkout process.


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