Top OpenCart Extensions For Increasing Sales

Be it an online business or offline business, it requires sales to survive in the competitive e-commerce market and to grow as a brand, e-retailers look for different approaches for increasing sales on the digital commerce platform.

Factors such as reducing cart abandonment and e-commerce returns, improving user experience, etc are the ones that are looked up by the merchants to boost up sales, etc. Online businesses come across numerous tools or plugins to optimize their store and improve sales.

If you are planning to have an OpenCart store, this article will guide you on how to take your store sales to the next level with the help of Opencart extensions.

Top OpenCart Extensions to Boost Sales and Revenue:

1. OpenCart One Page Checkout

OpenCart One Page Checkout extension is intended to reduce the number of steps in the standard multi-step checkout process. Because the OpenCart extension puts together all the checkout steps in one single page the checkout flow becomes easier and convenient for online shoppers. Thus merchants prefer OpenCart One Page Checkout more often.

Benefits for customers

A. OpenCart One Page Checkout Pro extension allows clients to sign in through Facebook and Google+.

B. OpenCart One Page Checkout extension comes with an option of entering coupon codes on the checkout page.

C. Completion of the checkout process can be done on a single page.

D. Update product amount on the checkout page itself.

Benefits for store owners

When store owners install the OpenCart extension, the functionality of their stores improves leading to an expansion in the conversions and an increase in user interaction. OpenCart One Page Checkout makes client’s checkout simpler and diminishes the time expected to fill out a lengthy checkout page. Hence, the customer has the option to diminish shopping cart abandonment.

2. OpenCart Abandoned Cart

Opencart Abandoned Cart extension allows store owners to send emails to those customers who abandon their carts, due to which sales can be recovered. This extension works as a reminder that reminds customers to make complete his/her purchase.

For motivating customers, store owners can add restore links, promotions, discount coupons in abandoned cart emails so that users can come back and finish the incomplete purchase.

Benefits of OpenCart Abandoned Cart extension

A. OpenCart Abandoned Cart extension helps in increasing user engagement on your site by offering discounts and coupons in abandoned cart emails.

B. Follow up email reduces cart abandonment rate by sending follow up email consequently within the few minutes of abandoned carts

C. OpenCart Abandoned Cart extension leads to an increase in successful orders by providing a reminder of pending, canceled, and closed orders, etc.

3. OpenCart Social Loginizer

The OpenCart Social Loginizer extension offers you the functionality to empower the social login solution on your OpenCart store to enhance the user experience, acquire customers and increase sales. This extension allows customers to log in or sign-up to your site using Facebook or Google+ social networks.

Features of OpenCart Social loginizer

A. OpenCart Social Loginizer – simplifies the registration process

OpenCart Social Loginizer helps you to get rid of long and complicated forms by permitting clients to sign up with their existing social networking account. This extension helps in gathering rich and real-time demographic information about the clients without expecting them to complete lengthy forms.

By requesting that clients join with social logins, you will have the option to increase user sign-ups, utilize their social information for personalizing email marketing campaigns, and increase sales.

B. With OpenCart Social Loginizer – no issues of forgotten usernames and passwords

OpenCart Social Loginizer offers a social login option to your customers that are hesitant to leave your store if they fail to remember their password, yet now with the social login, consumers get rid of remembering passwords.

OpenCart stores are ideal for store owners as this helps in capturing more sales and keep a strict check on the possibilities which can hinder sales of your store. Make sure store owners make the user experience the topmost priority.

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