This 1 Feature makes OpenCart eCommerce PWA Mobile App must have

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) combine new innovations with set up accepted procedures for making solid, available, and engaging with new customers. They give clients a local-like involvement in an easy-to-understand pick-in establishment stream. Hence, Progressive Web Apps are reliable, responsive, engaging as well as secured. 

Progressive Web Applications ought to have the option to adjust to various screen sizes and directions, guaranteeing that the client experience is incredible for all clients. A decent responsive plan assists with guaranteeing that your application will keep on working with new gadgets later on. Generally, local applications have been considerably more captivating than web applications. Having a symbol on the home screen makes it simple to get into the application and message pop-ups can assist with alarming the client of significant data that requires their consideration. 

With Progressive Web Applications, users can now get the same benefits with web apps with Progressive web applications. Moreover, these apps are secured by default. 

OpenCart eCommerce PWA Mobile App 

This opencart plugin is built with the intention to provide ease for online store merchants to change their store into a Progressive Web Application. Further, The eCommerce store into PWA is one of the major cutting-edge innovations that each eCommerce business should search for. Moreover, it doesn’t depend on the outsider App stores or third-party app stores such as Google Play and Apple App Store. Online customers can undoubtedly “Add PWA App To Home Screen” and shop items in a hurry just like any other application.

Features of OpenCart eCommerce PWA Mobile App

This module converts the e-commerce websites into OpenCart PWA Mobile App. This provides incredible online shopping to a wider crowd. Further, OpenCart eCommerce PWA Mobile App provides a customizable homepage user interface, font with white-label branding. Furthermore, this offers personalized push notifications for handy marketing and better conversions.

Other features that make OpenCart Progressive Web App Maker a must-have are- Quick google and Facebook login options with inbuilt Zopim & WhatsApp chat. Furthermore, the plugin even provides easy to understand or user-friendly interface with an offline browsing feature. This extension supports all website payment options, shipping methods, coupons.

Top Features of OpenCart Progressive Web App Creator

  • OpenCart PWA Mobile App Builder provides faster loading and quick performance. Further, the module offers a completely customizable home screen with the DIY editor.
  • OpenCart PWA Mobile App Builder supports both website shipping and payment methods.
  • OpenCart Progressive Web App Builder provides unlimited push notifications both Automated & Custom notifications.
  • Extension offers abandoned cart push notification feature
  • Offers inbuilt wishlist functionality 
  • OpenCart PWA Mobile App Builder even offers live synchronization b/w site and application 
  • Offers automatic inventory update
  • Multiple device compatible
  • One-page checkout 
  • Lightweight application 
  • Provide multicurrency and coupons/vouchers support

Feature making this extension must-have

OpenCart eCommerce PWA Mobile App compatible with KnowBand Multi-vendor Marketplace:

This Knowband extension is viable with OpenCart Multi-seller Marketplace. Further, it converts the eCommerce store into an undeniable marketplace and launch PWA mobile app for the same. Further, the marketplace sellers will be accessible on your Progressive Web App and clients can browse them

OpenCart PWA Mobile Apps are clients centric. Clients can visit the browse PWA application alongside sellers. There will not be any merchant dashboard or management via OpenCart Progressive Web App. Further, the admin can also manage with the merchants from the marketplace web and the same will be updated automatically on the PWA Mobile App.


Due to rapid growth in the e-commerce industry and mobile apps, online businesses are going through a drastic shift. Therefore, it’s important to design mobile apps that can offer a pleasant shopping experience to the customers. Faster mobile apps and apps offering incredible shopping experience leads to increase in sales and revenues. Therefore, OpenCart Progressive Web App Creator is essential.

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