How does Etsy Opencart Integration module benefit small businesses?

Etsy is an online marketplace that allows artists to sell one-of-a-kind handmade items to interested purchasers. Furthermore, Etsy enables merchants to sell their antique and handmade products while also allowing them to earn a living. This even allows purchasers to possess one-of-a-kind items. Moreover, the reason behind the massive growth of Etsy is the idea of offering a platform to artists. 

Etsy began as a modest website in 2005 and has now grown to become a publicly traded corporation with over $360 million in total capital. Furthermore, Etsy’s business model is similar to that of Amazon or eBay; the only difference between the two is that Etsy gives an incredible value to both consumers as well as merchants.

Etsy has chosen a vertical platform. Vertical platforms mean business niches where vendors serve a particular audience and their set of requirements. Furthermore, Etsy has also adopted the vertical platform strategy by limiting itself to selling exclusively artisan products in various categories. Etsy has also created a cutting-edge, technology-based platform that connects over 50 million users. 

Etsy’s business model dictates that the company will only make money if Etsy sellers make money. In simple words, Etsy’s business model is built on the concept of shared success. As a result, selling on the Etsy marketplace has several benefits, which are described below:

Advantages of Selling on Etsy Marketplace

Allows sellers to set up collective stores

If you own a small business as well as haven’t been able to develop enough inventory, the Etsy marketplace is the appropriate eCommerce platform for you because it allows merchants to create group stores. This marketplace allowed SMEs to pool their resources and combine their offerings.

Access to a huge targeted market

Customers chase on Etsy the unique products. Furthermore, sellers in the Etsy marketplace have access to a large, targeted consumer.

Easy shopping 

On the Etsy marketplace, you may get customized versions of various items. Furthermore, shoppers or purchasers find purchasing on Etsy Marketplace to be simple and convenient, and they assist sellers with super-easy custom orders.

The Etsy marketplace has a number of wonderful features that can assist small businesses in expanding as well as catering to a worldwide audience.

Knowband OpenCart Etsy Marketplace Integration

The Knowband Etsy Opencart Integration module allows sellers to link their OpenCart store to the Etsy marketplace in a few simple steps. Furthermore, the OpenCart Etsy Integration Module provides a user-friendly interface for controlling several aspects of the Etsy marketplace, such as product listings, inventory, and orders. The OpenCart admin panel can be used to perform these tasks.

Etsy Opencart Integration module

Additionally, the OpenCart Etsy Integration Module has a user-friendly interface, making it simple for sellers to use and post their products on the Etsy marketplace. Opencart Etsy Marketplace Integrator even allows bulk uploading of the products with ease. Furthermore, sellers may effortlessly build their Etsy profiles and upload the full category of their OpenCart store.

The Etsy Opencart Integration module enables store administrators to create and sync these templates with Etsy shops. It also aids in the management of inventory for Etsy store products from the back-end. Once changes to product inventory or attributes made in the store, store merchants can easily synchronize the modifications to the Etsy marketplace.

Benefits of Etsy Opencart Integration module:

Etsy Opencart Integration module

Etsy Opencart Integration module offers mapping:

Sellers can effortlessly map product attributes and categories from OpenCart shop products to Etsy store attributes and categories.

Etsy Opencart Integration module order management

From the store admin panel, the OpenCart Etsy Integration plugin allows you to manage and track Etsy shop orders.

Etsy Opencart Integration module

Order status: 

Using OpenCart Etsy Marketplace Integration, the admin can easily update the order status of the Etsy marketplace orders from the store admin panel via the CRON job.

Lets you choose a supplementary language

The store admin can choose a supplementary language for the store using OpenCart Etsy Marketplace Integration. Furthermore, using the CRON job, it is simple to synchronize it with the Etsy marketplace shop.

Etsy Opencart Integration module

How to install the extension?

For store administrators, integrating Etsy OpenCart API is simple. Before installing the module, merchants must purchase it first. The following files sent to the merchant after they have made a purchase:

1. The source code for the module included in the zip file.

2. User Manual

Steps to install the extension:

Merchant can unzip the zip file including files and folders shown below –

Etsy Opencart Integration module

The Etsy OpenCart API integration is simple to set up for store administrators. Before installing the module, merchants must first purchase it. Following the purchase, the merchant will receive the following files:

The Etsy OpenCart Connector module is now installed and ready to use in your business. Store Admin -> Modules and Services is where you’ll find it.

Etsy Opencart Integration module

In the End

Knowband Etsy OpenCart Integration module makes the process of getting started in the Etsy marketplace easier. Knowband creates plugins for other eCommerce systems including Shopify, WooCommerce, and Prestashop, similar to the Etsy OpenCart Integration module for OpenCart. You can contact us at [email protected] with any questions.

Admin Demo

User Manual

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