Opencart Etsy integration Shop Section and Audit Log features- how beneficial are these?

In the growth of eCommerce, marketplaces have played a vital role. Further, the well-known platforms are Amazon and eBay. However, in recent years various new marketplaces have emerged in the eCommerce ecosystem. One of them is Etsy.

Etsy Marketplace

Etsy marketplace permits individuals from around the globe to purchase and sell interesting handmade goods as well as vintage items. Moreover, Etsy welcomes the dealers to display their imagination to the new audience, thus, assisting them to reach out to potential clients globally. In simple words, the Etsy marketplace is a great place to expand the reach of your business. Also, the process of beginning business in the Etsy marketplace is very simple.

Etsy OpenCart Integration module

OpenCart Etsy Marketplace Integration

A user-friendly interface is offered by the module to manage activities such as product listing, inventory, and orders. Along with offering a user-friendly interface and product listing features, this module even permits bulk uploading of items easily. Furthermore, this Opencart extension helps the admin create shipping templates.

Etsy OpenCart Integration even offers two incredible features- Audit log and Shop Section. Audit Log feature helps admin to keep track of task. Whereas, Shop Section feature of the module help classifying products. This blog will help you understand both the features in detail.

How beneficial are audit logs and shop section features of the Etsy OpenCart Integration?

Feature 1: Offers Audit Logs

The audit log feature offered by the plugin is highly beneficial. Furthermore, by utilizing Audit Logs, store merchants can easily keep a track of all the tasks that are performed by checking the audit logs section of the OpenCart Etsy integrator. In this way, if the administrator needs to check all the activities which he has done already, without much of a stretch see utilizing the audit logs of Etsy OpenCart Integration Extension.

Feature 2: OpenCart Etsy Integration Plugin offers a shop section

The shop section is another incredible feature of the OpenCart Etsy Integration Plugin. Furthermore, the vendors can make shop sections to classify their items utilizing Etsy OpenCart Integration Extension. For instance, sellers can create sections like style, sports, and others. Also, vendors can list the products in the relevant section. Accordingly, the clients can discover the items effectively, even without browsing each item of the shop. 

In simple words, this is a great module because it makes Etsy store navigation simpler or easier for the clients to discover their items.

Our final take on the Knowband module

Knowband, a known name in the eCommerce industry for providing best-in-class plugins offers an OpenCart Etsy Integration Module to make the synchronization process easier for Opencart owners. Using this module, merchants can synchronize their OpenCart store with the Etsy marketplace in simple steps.

OpenCart Etsy Connector even helps owners to keep track of their order status, item postings, dispatching techniques, conveyance time and client assistance as Knowband understands the challenges merchants go through.

Along with best-in-class plugins and the above module, Knowband offers to develop marketplace extensions, online stores, mobile eCommerce applications, and others. Furthermore, they even offer post-sales support. Therefore, for any query, you may write a mail at [email protected].

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