eBay and Etsy marketplace- what makes them different?

Opencart offers several plugins, Opencart Etsy Marketplace Integrator and eBay OpenCart Connector are some of them. These plugins help opencart store owners to upload their products on marketplaces like eBay and Etsy.

eBay and Etsy are two different marketplaces and so are their features. Etsy is an online marketplace that connects vendors with buyers. Furthermore, sellers on Etsy permit selling handcrafted or vintage goods. On the other hand, eBay is an online shopping site popular for its auctions and consumer-to-consumer sales. eBay is famous for online e-merchants to use as sales channels. 


Store admin can connect the online store with eBay using this module. Furthermore, the entire process of product listing, inventory, and order management can be automated by the module.

How to make the process of uploading products easier on eBay easier?

OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integration Module
  • Opencart eBay Marketplace Integration Module allows bulk listing of the products on eBay easily.
  • Helps to manage inventory on eBay from the online store. Moreover, the plugin even manages eBay orders from the store admin.
  • The module manages to send both less as well as high pricing on eBay. Furthermore, it even allows a bulk inventory sync process for the items listed.
  • Plugin even manages the product quantity to be sent on eBay.

Working of OpenCart eBay Connector Extension

for setting up the module offered by Knowband, generating the API keys required. Furthermore, steps required for generating the API keys are available in the document. Once the extension gets configured, the store admin can easily manage the eBay store listing, inventory, and orders from the OpenCart store.

User Manual


OpenCart Etsy Marketplace Integration

OpenCart Etsy Marketplace Integration permits sellers to synchronize their OpenCart store with the Etsy marketplace within few easy steps. Moreover, this extension helps store merchants to manage the inventory, orders, and shipping for the Etsy shop orders from store admin effectively.

How to make the process of uploading products easier on Etsy easier?

  • Easy installation and a user-friendly interface offered by the module. Furthermore, its easy-to-understand interface allows listing the items to the Etsy marketplace. 
  • The plugin permits bulk uploading of the products. 
  • Through this plugin, create shipping templates from the store admin panel. Further, templates can be synced to the Etsy shop.
  • The extension provided by Knowband offers a feature of choosing a secondary language. This feature allows the store admin to select a secondary language for the store and synchronize it with the Etsy marketplace via the CRON job.

Working of Etsy OpenCart Integration Extension 

Generate the API keys to set up the Etsy OpenCart Integration Module and all the steps required to generate API keys are available in the document. Furthermore, store admin can manage their Etsy store listing, inventory, and orders from the store after successful configuration of the extension.

User Manual

In short,

Sellers can list their products on both Etsy OpenCart Integration Extension and OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integration, depending upon your requirements. Both the marketplaces are unique in their own ways. 

Reason to use Knowband plugins

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Also, it offers a free installation service with free 3 months support, therefore, you may write them at [email protected].

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