OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integration- reasons to install

One of the fastest means to connect the OpenCart store with eBay is Knowband OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integration. Moreover, this opencart plugin makes it simple and easy for Opencart admin to connect their eCommerce store with the marketplace. Furthermore, with the assistance of OpenCart eBay API integrator, the entire process of product listing, inventory, as well as order management, can be automatized.

Furthermore, setting up eBay OpenCart Integration Module, the merchant needs to generate the API keys, and to understand the process step-by-step, the admin can use the user manual provided on the website. Managing the eBay store listing, inventory and orders becomes easier after the extension configuration. 

What are the benefits offered by the OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integration?

  • Permit store merchants to skip the steps involved in lengthy store integration. With the assistance of the OpenCart eBay connector, merchants can easily connect the store in few steps.
  • From the back-end of OpenCart eBay API integrator, admin can create as many profiles as they want. OpenCart eBay Integrator offers a profile-based product listing feature. This feature permits merchants to skip the manual listing. 
  • Using OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integration Module, inventory can be easily managed with profiles made in the module.
  • This extension makes it simple for the admin to map the product attribute as well as categories with attributes and categories of eBay. Moreover, OpenCart eBay Feed Integration permits store admin to perform operations such as adding, removing, or relisting the items on the marketplace. 
  • Besides easy inventory management, the OpenCart eBay Connector provides easy order management as well. OpenCart eBay API Integration even provides two-way synchronization. Two-way synchronization can be performed by executing cron in the back-end.
  • With the assistance of the OpenCart eBay Connector module, the store admin can check the error that occurred during the product listing.

How to install OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integration?

OpenCart eBay Integration extension needs to be purchased first before installing from the store. The admin will receive the following files after purchasing the OpenCart eBay Integration extension from the Knowband store :

1. Zipped File with the source code of the module 

2. User Manual with complete instructions

  • To install OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integration Plugin, the merchant needs to unzip the zipped file.
OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integrator
  • Furthermore, the copy each folder and files of the zip file in the Root Directory of the site.
OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integrator
  • Once the OpenCart eBay Integration module is installed it can be used.
  • Next, Go to Admin -> Main Menu -> Extensions and from the list of the modules select the eBay integration module and click on the edit button.
OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integrator

Final Thoughts on OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integration

eBay is perhaps the most mainstream online marketplace, working in more than 30 nations around the world. eBay has achieved a critical spot in internet exchanging. has acquired the standing of an online space where purchasers and merchants meet up and exchange nearly anything. 

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