What are the advanced features of OpenCart Etsy Connector?

To synchronize the OpenCart store with the Etsy marketplace, Opencart Etsy Connector plays a major role.

In the growth of e-commerce, marketplaces have played a major role. Speaking about well-known marketplaces, Amazon and eBay are one of them. However, in recent years large numbers of new marketplaces have emerged. The most popular marketplace is Etsy. Etsy is known for providing a platform to artisans for selling their handmade goods as well as vintage items. The biggest advantage of selling handmade and vintage goods on the Etsy marketplace is, it allows people to sell unique goods to a worldwide audience. Furthermore, this marketplace invites the sellers to showcase their creativity to the new audience and reach out to potential customers globally. 

 What is OpenCart Etsy Connector?

Sellers who want to synchronize their OpenCart store with the Etsy marketplace must use the Knowband OpenCart Etsy Connector. Store owners willing to sell on the Etsy marketplace must analyze their business method and process so that they can keep up with the new challenges. Whereas selling on Etsy marketplace is beneficial as it helps sellers to keep proper track of their inventory status, product listings, shipping methods, delivery time as well as client support.  

OpenCart Etsy Connector

What are the advanced features of the OpenCart Etsy Connector?

Feature 1: OpenCart Etsy Connector

Integration offers Shipping Templates

To manage the shipping on the Etsy marketplace, shipping templates are used. Furthermore, the Opencart store admin can create the shipping templates just like the Etsy Marketplace. These shipping templates can be created from the Etsy OpenCart Integration extension that will get synced to Etsy.

OpenCart Etsy Connector

Feature 2: OpenCart Etsy Integration Module consists of shop section

Using OpenCart Etsy Connector, OpenCart sellers can create shop sections. This feature helps in categorizing their products. For instance, sellers can make sections such as fashion, sports, and others. Also, sellers can list the products accordingly in sections. For example, fashion goods in the fashion category, home goods in the lifestyle category, etc. 

OpenCart Etsy Connector

This helps clients to search for products easily even without browsing all the items of your eCommerce store. In simple words, OpenCart Etsy API integrator makes your Etsy store navigation simpler for clients.

Feature 3: OpenCart Etsy Connector offers Audit Logs

OpenCart Etsy API integration advanced features include audit logs. Furthermore, with the help of Audit Logs store merchants can monitor all the tasks done by checking the audit logs section of the module. So, in case the store admin wants to check all the activities that have been done earlier using the audit logs of Etsy OpenCart Integration Extension, the admin can easily see it.

OpenCart Etsy Connector

Final take on OpenCart Etsy Connector

Etsy marketplace is the right platform for all those sellers who are planning to extend their business reach. Further, the best part of starting the business in the Etsy marketplace is, the process is extremely easy. Hence, even beginners can easily create their shop on this platform. 

Selling on other platforms might be difficult, however, selling on the Etsy marketplace is easier as KnowBand has developed the Opencart Etsy Marketplace Connector. Opencart Etsy Marketplace Connector overcomes all the major challenges. 

Etsy OpenCart Integration extension even helps merchants to effectively manage the inventory, orders, as well as shipping for the Etsy shop orders from store admin. 

Why Knowband?

Knowband is known for providing plugins for different platforms- Magento, Opencart, Prestashop, and Shopify. Moreover, these plugins enhance your store functionality to the next level. Also, Knowband offers efficient post-sales support hence for any query you may write them at [email protected].

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