Sell on Etsy marketplace easily using OpenCart Etsy Integration in 4 steps

Finding selling difficult on the Etsy marketplace? Owners require Opencart Etsy Integration.

Marketplaces have assumed a fundamental part in the development of online business. Further, Amazon and eBay are examples of the online marketplace, yet as of late, a few new marketplaces have denoted their essence in the eCommerce biological system. Etsy is perhaps the most well-known marketplace for handmade goods as well as vintage items.

OpenCart Etsy Integration

Etsy Marketplace

This marketplace permits individuals from around the globe to purchase and sell unique products. Furthermore, this platform welcomes the sellers to exhibit their creativity to the new audience, hence, assisting them to reach potential clients all around the world. Etsy is an extraordinary place to increase the span of your business. The process of beginning a business in the Etsy marketplace is very simple.

How does OpenCart Etsy Integration Works?

Generating the API keys is mandatory if the OpenCart store administrator wants to set up the module. Furthermore, the user manual provided on the website contains all the steps required to generate API Keys. After effectively installing the Etsy OpenCart extension, store merchant can easily manage their Etsy store listing, inventory as well as orders from the OpenCart store. 

OpenCart Etsy Integration

As Knowband offers 3 months of free installation support services. In case you require any assistance with the module, go ahead and contact the support team.

Opencart to Etsy Integration in simple steps

Step 1: Setup Etsy Seller Account:

First merchants need to make a vendor account on Etsy Marketplace. Furthermore, you need to fill the registration form. After the seller account has been created, a checking email will be sent.

Step 2: Setup App on Etsy:

To build up communication between OpenCart Store and the Etsy Seller Account by utilizing the OpenCart Etsy Integration Extension, you need to make an App on Etsy Marketplace. In the case of registering your App on Etsy Marketplace, you can get the API details for the application. Further, these details can be utilized to design the OpenCart Etsy Integration. Moreover, the step-by-step guidelines to make the application on Etsy Marketplace found in the user manual.

Step 3: Install and Configure Etsy OpenCart integrator extension

Install the OpenCart Etsy Integration in your store as well as configure it once the above steps are done. Furthermore, to configure the module you need to enter the Etsy API keys.

OpenCart Etsy Integration

Step 4: Start Selling

To sell your products on the Etsy marketplace, you are ready. To begin selling on the Etsy marketplace the store admin needs to make the shipping templates, shipping profiles, attribute mapping, as well as, some other required steps for the bulk uploading of the items utilizing the Etsy OpenCart Integrator extension.

Moreover, orders received from the Etsy marketplace can be synced to your eCommerce store or Opencart store. Along these lines, making it simpler for the administrator to process it.

OpenCart Etsy Integration


Opencart Etsy Marketplace Integration can help you arrive at your business objectives adequately. With the assistance of the Etsy OpenCart Integration extension, OpenCart store owners can adequately manage the inventory, orders, and even transportation for the Etsy store orders from the OpenCart store administrator. 

Why Knowband?

Knowband offers some of the incredible plugins to boost the functionality of your eCommerce website. Moreover, it offers plugins for platforms such as – Opencart, Prestashop, WooCommerce, as well as Magenta. Hence, for any query regarding OpenCart Etsy Marketplace Integration or any other module, you may drop a mail at [email protected].

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