Why should merchants use these 3 Opencart marketplace modules?

OpenCart is a free open source online business platform for online vendors that offers an expert and reliable foundation and some of the most efficient opencart marketplace modules for an effective online store. In addition, Opencart appeals to a wide scope of clients including seasoned web developers searching for an easy-to-understand interface to use. It even appeals to shop owners launching their business online. Also, Opencart offers an unimaginable and wide scope of features that offer a solid hold over the customization of your shop. Users can help online stores to live up to their fullest potential, using Opencart’s tool.

Opencart Marketplace Modules

Module 1: OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integration

Probably the fastest strategy to interface your open cart store with eBay is OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integration Extension, one of the efficient plugins among opencart marketplace modules. Besides, this module simplifies it for the store owners to interface their eCommerce store with the marketplace. Further, the entire process of product listing, inventory, and order management automatized using OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integration. 

OpenCart eBay API Integration
OpenCart eBay API Integration

OpenCart eBay API Integration permits the store administrator to list their eCommerce items on the eBay marketplace. Further, eBay OpenCart Integration manages and orders with the help of few clicks. Moreover, this module simplifies it for the sellers to connect their eCommerce store with the marketplace.

Key Benefits of eBay Marketplace Integration Module

  • Allows listing the products in bulk on eBay.
  • OpenCart eBay Connector helps to manage inventory on eBay from the store. Furthermore, it handles eBay orders from the store admin
  • Allows sending less or high pricing on eBay.
  • eBay OpenCart Integration allows bulk Inventory sync process for listed products.
  • eBay OpenCart Integration allows managing product quantity to be sent on eBay.

How does OpenCart eBay Connector Extension work?

Generating API keys is mandatory for setting up the eBay OpenCart Integration Module for the OpenCart store admin. For any assistance, the admin can consider the user manual. Once the configuration has been completed, store merchants can the eBay store listing, inventory as well as orders from the OpenCart store.

Module 2: OpenCart Google Shopping Integration

Opencart store owners would now be able to list as well as display the products on Google sponsored ads. Knowband offers OpenCart Google Shopping Integration Plugin which offers incredible features and fully functional solutions. 

OpenCart eBay API Integration

Besides, the most advanced OpenCart Google Shopping Integration module gives a basic method to show items on Google Shopping. With the help of this module, store administrators can attract a large number of new and focused customers to eCommerce stores. 

Key benefits of OpenCart Google Shopping Integration

  • Map entire Opencart category to Google shopping using OpenCart Google Shopping Integration.
  • Viable for a multi-shop environment.
  • OpenCart Google Shopping Integration helps opencart admin to exclude items based on specific conditions. Including products below a specific price. 
  • Manage multiple attribute groups for Color, Size, Gender, Pattern easily, using OpenCart Google Shopping Integration.
  • Saves effort and time for manual product feed.

How does OpenCart Google Shopping Synchronizer work?

OpenCart Google Shopping Synchronizer must be installed and configured. The step-by-step instructions mentioned in the user manual provided. 

Store owners can also utilize the OpenCart Google Shopping integration to automate the listing process after the setting is complete. Moreover, generating API keys is important to set up the Google Shopping Integration Module. Once the setup gets finished managing Google Shopping store listing becomes easier. 

Module 3: Opencart one-page checkout

OpenCart eBay API Integration

One Page Checkout for OpenCart is the perfect extension to incorporate a smart as well as a quick version of checkout at your eCommerce store. OpenCart Single Page checkout displays a responsive checkout popup without any additional page loading. This leads to a reduction in cart abandonment and an increase in customer engagement for an eCommerce store.OpenCart simplified checkout module encourages more visitors to complete their orders.

Features of OpenCart One Page Checkout module

  • Incorporates a responsive ajax based checkout popup on the frontend.
  • Allow or disallow newsletter subscriptions for an eCommerce store.
  • The module can be quickly enabled or disabled using the toggle button offered at the back-end.
  • Supports multi-lingual and multi-store compatibility.

Final Thoughts on Opencart Marketplace Modules

Store merchants willing to install any of these modules on eCommerce stores can visit knowband.com. Furthermore, Knowband offers plugins, addons, as well as modules for different eCommerce platforms including Opencart. Hence you may write them at [email protected].

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