Why new admins must pick eBay OpenCart Integration over other plugins?

The act of selling goods or services to internet users is referred to as e-commerce. In the last several years, this phenomenon has completely changed the modern marketplace. Furthermore, eBay is steadily expanding its market share with Amazon and Alibaba. Before getting well versed with the benefits of eBay Opencart Integration, let’s understand the benefits of the eBay marketplace.

eBay OpenCart Integration

Benefits of eBay marketplace

eBay marketplace is an international marketplace

For quite some time, eBay has been working in the foreign market. eBay provides a comprehensive storage and shipping solution, making international package shipping easy for businesses.

 Higher customer satisfaction

Higher customer satisfaction is the foundation of any business whether it’s your online business or offline business i.e. having a physical store. eBay has a sizable fan following and a large number of loyal customers. These loyal customers not only buy but act as brand ambassadors as well by sharing their experiences with other users.

With a high quality of customer service and a low number of complaints, eBay has a high customer satisfaction rating. Furthermore, clients purchasing on eBay are protected from fraud and scams.

SEO benefits

According to SEO analysis, eBay has taken use of SEO advantages for its sellers. When people use a search engine to look for a product, they will see products posted on eBay on the first page of results.

This gives vendors an advantage in attracting customers to their product listings without having to construct a website.

Service charges with additional discounts

Lower service charges with additional discounts are enough to attract potential clients. Each seller and the business owner looks for a company that offers affordable yet standard services and bears as few service charges as feasible.

How to connect the Opencart store with the eBay marketplace?

You can connect your Opencart store with the eBay marketplace with the help of the OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integration Plugin. In other words, this is a smart solution for Opencart owners.

Automate product listing using OpenCart eBay Integration Extension


Opencart eBay Integration Extension offers a feature of product description template. This feature permit using the placeholders for the product description. Moreover, merchants can utilize the placeholders like – {product_description} {product_id} {product_title} {sku} {model} {upc} {ean} {meta_title} {meta_description} {meta_keyword}.

eBay OpenCart Integration

List your products in Bulk

The admin even can map the OpenCart store category to an eBay Marketplace category. This even helps to list all of the products on the OpenCart store category to be uploaded to eBay Marketplace’s most relevant category. The eBay OpenCart Connector extension also provides a user-friendly interface. This even allows them to easily connect the OpenCart store category to the eBay Marketplace category.

eBay OpenCart Integration

Manage price with ease

The eBay OpenCart Integration allows the admin to list products on eBay for a different price than the OpenCart shop price. Further, the eBay OpenCart Integration allows you to list a product based on a fixed or percentage-based higher or lower price

Return products with ease 

If you offer returns for eBay store products, you may use the eBay OpenCart Integration to set up the return fields. The eBay OpenCart Integration Extension allows the store admin to add the Return Description, Return Within (in days), and Refund Type – Money Back, Money Back or Replacement, and Money Back or Exchange to the store.

eBay OpenCart Integration

Payment methods offered by OpenCart eBay API Integration

The eBay OpenCart Integration even allows the store admin to select the desired payment methods for the eBay store directly from the eBay Integration extension.

Does OpenCart eBay Connector offer advanced features?

eBay Orders

The eBay OpenCart Integration synchronizes orders from the eBay Marketplace with your OpenCart store. Furthermore, the eBay Orders page of the extension allows you to view and modify all of these orders. The admin must select Update Orders from the Synchronization after updating the order status on the OpenCart Store. Also, the admin can set the CRON to conduct this action automatically.

How trustworthy are Knowband plugins?

Knowband has been offering some of the most efficient plugins for different eCommerce platforms including Opencart. Besides that, Knowband offers post-sales support to the customers. 

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