OpenCart Mobile App Builder: How can it ensure your eCommerce business growth?

If you are looking for a robust solution to convert your eCommerce store into a mobile app, then go for OpenCart Mobile App builder. It also helps you to start your eCommerce business with a scalable and feature-rich OpenCart Mobile App. Moreover, it is a powerful eCommerce solution that makes you more inclined towards your business goals. The module helps you to meet your sales and revenue goals, whether they are small or big. The store admin can use this OpenCart Mobile App Maker plugin to make sure that the eCommerce store reaches its full potential and ensures the eCommerce app business growth. 

How Does OpenCart Mobile App Maker Works? 

The extension is a fully pre-defined readymade solution that will be installed on the OpenCart backend. The Android and iOS mobile apps will be created and launched on the Google Play and Apple App Store. The store admin can manage the app design, UI, and various functionalities from the handy admin back office. The changes made in the extension backend will be reflected automatically on the live Android and iOS apps. The customers can download the eCommerce Android and iOS apps and browse/shop the products on the go. Check below links and video for more information: 

Module link –

iOS App Demo-

Admin Panel Demo-

Game Changer Features of OpenCart Mobile App Extension: 

1. White Label Apps (Your Branding)-

No matter if you want to sell a single product or a wide range of products on your OpenCart mobile app, it is always important to do proper branding of Android and iOS apps. The OpenCart Mobile App comes with a fresh look and allows customers to perceive it more seamlessly. This popular Android app and iOS app feature allow the eCommerce merchant to launch the app on Google Play Store and Apple App Store with their brand name and value without any third-party intervention. 

2. Easy-to-Customize-

The OpenCart Mobile App Builder does not require any kind of technological advancement in order to perform changes on the shopping app. Hence, the store admin can easily manage and update an Android and iOS app from the admin panel. The eCommerce merchant can also create and add multiple layouts and choose the right one on the app anytime. The changes get reflected automatically on the live apps. It saves a lot of time and effort and allows us to focus more on business growth rather than dealing with any technical management. 

3. Easy Login & Checkout- 

The OpenCart Mobile App Maker allows the store admin to enable amazing social (Facebook and Google) and email login and registration options. The Fingerprint and Phone No (OTP) can also be used by the customers for safe and secure access. Moreover, the Android and iOS apps come with a simplified checkout screen making the order submission more facile. 

4. Multilingual and Currency Support-

It takes a lot of effort by the store admin to take the online business to the global level. The Mobile App for OpenCart also makes it easy and convenient to target a vast mobile-based audience. Even it allows the store admin to enable all the languages and currencies on the Android and iOS app including RTL scripts. This feature helps the eCommerce merchants to improve customer experience & ROI.

5. Multiple Payment and Shipping Methods-

The OpenCart Android & iOS Mobile App Builder integrates with all secure website payment and shipping methods. The OpenCart Mobile App allows the customers to pay by selecting the most appropriate payment option. The customer can also easily select renowned shipping methods to deliver the products in their region.

6. Real-Time Synchronization-

The goal of the eCommerce business is to manage the eCommerce app and store simultaneously. For that, the store admin synchronizes all the product inventory and data of the eCommerce website with the shopping app. This saves any sort of manual effort to manage inventory.

7. Unlimited Push Notifications-

The store admin can use the OpenCart eCommerce Mobile App push notification feature to boost the online business. It also helps the store admin to generate high revenue and sales from the Android and iOS app by sending the update about the latest offers and discounts to the customers. 

The customer can access the mobile app in a hassle-free manner even with no/slow internet connection. The OpenCart Mobile App Builder consists of a preloaded cache that shows the app data in the user’s mobile phone screen when they have a lack of internet connectivity.

9. User Rating and Reviews: 

The key point is that customers have the freedom to share their opinion, thoughts about the particular product in the shopping app. The OpenCart Mobile App Creator allows the store admin to display customer product reviews, ratings, and comments on any product page.

10. Live Chat Support (Zopim/WhatsApp)-

The chat support feature consists of Zopim and WhatsApp option to provide immediate solutions to the customer regarding their queries and issues.  This feature of OpenCart Mobile App allows the customer to ask their queries and issues 24*7. 

11. Related Products-

The OpenCart Android & iOS Mobile App Builder allows the store admin to use this feature to engage more customers and boost the sales of the eCommerce app. The related products can be displayed on the product page of the mobile app.

12. Coupons/Vouchers Support-

The OpenCart Android & iOS Mobile App supports all website coupons and vouchers on the mobile app. Thus, the discount codes allow the store admin to give timely benefits to the front-end shopper. 

Conclusion –

All the above-mentioned features can be easily integrated into your eCommerce mobile app as well as by using Mobile App for OpenCart by Knowband. We offer a wide range of OpenCart solutions and services and have a team of experienced and skilled developers. We will try our level best to help the store admin in developing and launching the eCommerce app without any requirement of coding skills. Knowband also offers a wide range of modules for Magneto 2 and PrestaShop platforms. At Knowband, we offer the best selling mobile app builder modules for Magento 2 and PrestaShop platforms. If you want to own the mobile app for the eCommerce store, then contact us at [email protected].

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