Boost your online business reach with OpenCart Mobile App Builder

The constant increase in the demand for cell phones, an eCommerce mobile app can increase the client base of your store. This results in huge boost to e-commerce website. Most important, this will eventually upgrade the general income of the site. OpenCart Mobile App Builder is one of the best ways to offer a better shopping experience to its customers on their mobile phones.

OpenCart Mobile App Maker is the pre-configured framework that converts your online website into featured native Android and iOS mobile apps. There are several websites which are providing Mobile App Builder, Knowband Mobile App Builder is easy to use. Furthermore, it enhances the look as well as the feel of your website. Knowband is a module development company that offers great plugins. Along with efficient post-sales support, the company has gained a reputation for providing best-in-class development services. Moreover, Knowband’s OpenCart eCommerce Mobile App Builder module helps in converting an online desktop website into an optimized mobile application.

Most important, KnowBand has made an imprint in the eCommerce business as a leading mobile app provider for practically all the major eCommerce platforms. Opencart eCommerce mobile app extension can be installed in just 3 basics steps:

1.Buy the OpenCart Mobile App Builder extension.

2. Store admin need to share the specifications & requirements related to the app.

3. Get OpenCart Apps in 2-3 days.

Features of OpenCart Mobile App Builder

1. OpenCart Mobile App Builder Allows Home Screen Layout Customization

The OpenCart Mobile App Builder permits the store admin to customize the home screen format according to different events and occasions. Moreover, different attributes and elements are accessible in the module backend for home screen customization. This home screen customization includes Top categories, Square Banner, Grid Banner, Sliding Banner, countdown banner(flash sale), square products, Grid Products, sliding products and products that have been accessed recently.

The OpenCart Mobile App Maker comes with complete admin panel control allowing to simply manage the look/feel to the functioning of the app.

2. Brand Awareness:

Promoting the label is one of the biggest features of  The OpenCart Mobile App Creator. Most important, this module even helps in displaying the store logo on the header of the mobile app. From the admin panel, opencart admin can add the logo image. Using this module, the app will be published under the admin’s business brand.

3. Push Notifications:

The Push notifications feature is the most important feature of OpenCart Mobile App Builder. The Opencart admin can send limitless pop-up messages whenever to the app clients and drive higher deals and income. Following types of push notifications are being offered with this module:

  • Order Creation Notification
  • Order Status Update Notification
  • Abandoned Cart Notification

4. Automatic Inventory Management:

The store admin can sit back and relax because of 100% synchronization between the store and the mobile apps. Also, inventory and order details will be consequently overseen according to the site without manual effort. Furthermore, this module halves the responsibility of merchants that leads to increase in efficiency.

5. OpenCart Mobile App Maker Offers Multiple Payment Options

This plugin makes the app payment dependable and secure in your mobile app. A wide range of website payment methods is supported on mobile apps. The module by default accompanies PayPal and COD payment methods in the mobile apps.

6. Multiple Shipping Options

Furthermore, a wide range of delivery techniques running on your site including FedEx, Store Pickup, USPS etc are supported on the mobile apps by OpenCart Mobile App Builder. This module makes the seller-buyer trade easier for the OpenCart admin.

7. Allows Wide Range of Color Palette:

The OpenCart Mobile App Maker provides various color options for your mobile apps. From choosing the desired theme color to button color or to the background color for your app, the admin can make changes anywhere accordingly.

8. Navigation: 

Multiple filters and sort options along with swipe products display offered by the OpenCart Mobile App Creator. Clients can easily get their desired products on the app.

Additional Features

OpenCart eCommerce Mobile App Builder extension synchronizes with web store with portable applications such as mobile. Moreover, the OpenCart store merchants don’t need to invest any manual amounts of energy. Because, it automatically gets information from website to mobile app.

  1. Furthermore, the extension offers enhanced navigation in mobile apps permitting users to filter products, sort them and add product limits. Only by swiping left and right on the product screen, the app users can easily browse the products.
  2. Furthermore, it supports all sorts of products in the mobile app. Moreover, the clients can also buy virtual, bundled, grouped, single and configurable products through an app easily.
  3. Mobile apps created with OpenCart Mobile App Builder are completely tablet as well as mobile responsive.
  4. OpenCart Mobile App Creator is both- makes e-commerce mobile app multi-lingual as well as RTL writing style compatible.

You can also bring the entire marketplace on these mobile apps while using the OpenCart Marketplace Module. The Mobile App extension is also available for PrestaShop and Magento 2 eCommerce platforms.

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