OpenCart One Page Checkout- For Better shopping experience

Is your Checkout cycle executing your sales? No compelling reason to stress, as Knowband, the leading name in web-based business creating one of the best plugins for eCommerce stores and One Page Checkout module for Opencart is one of them. The functionalities and execution highlights of this module permit online business organizations to dominate quickly by an increase in deal targets.

Opencart One Page Checkout Pro is intended to diminish the shopping cart abandonment rate. As this extension comes with advanced features making it quicker, smarter, and better checkout page therefore replacing the default checkout page becomes easier. This module decreases the time required for checkout as well as the individual data that is gathered. At the point when clients see that their e-commerce experience will get finished on a single page only, they are more bound to finish up the transaction.

This extension allows clients to sign in through their Facebook or Google account. In this situation, clients who are stressed over a lengthy registration process, happily finish the transaction on your eCommerce store. OpenCart One Page Advanced Checkout Extension increases the convenience of the clients as they don’t have to recollect the password anymore and can sign in with a single click.

Features of OpenCart One Page Advanced Checkout Extension :

Opencart One Page Checkout extension is exceptionally useful from both the client’s and admin perspective. 

1. Guest Checkout :

OpenCart Fast Checkout Extension offers a Guest checkout feature so that all those website visitors who are not willing to get registered can check out easily.

The guest checkout feature of OpenCart One Page Supercheckout is beneficial for your eCommerce website because it boosts the conversions as only a few people feel safe in sharing personal details with websites. Because they feel insecure, clients will drop the purchase idea if sign-up is mandatory.

With the OpenCart One Page Checkout extension, store merchants can enable the ‘Register Guests Automatically’ functionality so that guest customers can be registered.

2. Provide Social Login Options :

OpenCart One-Page checkout module allows customers to log in through the social media accounts such as Facebook, Google, and Paypal. This feature in the OpenCart One-Page Checkout module encourages online customers to join quickly without mentioning their details physically.


The extension uses the social details of the visitor due to which they can register themselves within a few steps. This feature of the OpenCart One Page Checkout Module makes the sign-up procedure easier. This even avoids the necessity of creating and remembering new passwords.

3. Single Page Checkout Offers Checkout Fields Customization :

Single Page Checkout allows the store admin to hide some checkout fields, to make some checkout fields optional and some mandatory. 

With the help of this extension, store merchants can specify the ones they want to show to the user and which ones he/she wants to hide. This facility is available for both registered and non-registered users.

4. Customize Look and Feel :

With the extension, the store admin can likewise alter the look and feel of the checkout page. From the back-end OpenCart responsive checkout popup, merchants can modify the background color, button text color, button border color, and so forth The admin can likewise modify the look and feel through custom CSS and JS.

5. Single Page Checkout Offers Drag and Drop Feature :

The extension allows store merchants to organize the checkout page with the help of the drag and drop option. With this extension, OpenCart owners can organize checkout fields in a certain order. 

6. Single Page Checkout Showcase Cart Summary On The Checkout Page :

Like the checkout field customization, you can likewise change the cart fields. With Single Page checkout, you can determine which cart components you need to show to the clients. For instance, you can hide the voucher contribution from the Cart page or show just some restricted fields. This can likewise be set up for both registered and non-registered clients.

Conclusion :

One Step Checkout OpenCart Extension decreases truck abandonment rate and expands your transformations by a great edge. It is an efficient module since clients need not wait for a more drawn-out span on the checkout page. Various format layout in the OpenCart One Page Checkougives you the chance to attempt various designs. 

OpenCart One Page Checkout Knowband is recommended to store merchants because Knowband has been creating the best plugins for different platforms such as Shopify, OpenCart, etc.

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